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Hello everyone!
I want to get started with online/passive income but I'm totally lost on where and how to start. Can anyone recommend a quick and easy way for me to start? I don't care if it makes money, I just need something that i can learn from and hopefully, gain some much needed confidence in this field. Basically I need a kick in the ass. When I try to think about where to start, my head starts spinning. I figure that if i can get a solid foundation on how to do this stuff, I will be able to get a foundation i can build from.
Can anyone help me?
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    You need to learn about web design and SEO first, then you can try Product Launch with Single Site Review. When you have sales on this form, you should boost your business by Authority Site- a site reviews many products.
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    There is no quick and easy way. Pick one area and stick to it.
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    We can't help you when we don't know your skills, your interests, your budget or anything else.

    There are many methods of making money online, few of them are passive, at least in the beginning.

    Spend some time reading threads about different business models until you find one that interests you and you think you can master. Then use the search engine to read everything about that one model.

    Join the email lists and read the blogs of those who are successful with that type of business.

    Then come back and ask specific questions and those who are familiar with that model can help you.

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    Hi, @janson05. There is no shortcut for this one. You need to have knowledge of what you are doing. Reading threads like this one can help you. You also need to read books and articles that will help you on your goal.

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    Rose gave you great advice.

    (She has a habit of doing that.)

    The world of online marketing is, to me, known as IM Land. You have many streets and towns and cities in IM Land. The trick is finding where best for you to live.

    It depends on two relatively simple things:

    1. What you like.
    2. What you're good at.

    You'll find mixed opinions about passive income. Some marketers call it a myth; others call it a fact.

    I fall into the fact camp.

    Let me give you some examples.

    Example #1: You publish YouTube videos that float around YouTube, Google, and socials.

    Example #2: You publish books for Kindle.

    Example #3: You syndicate blog posts around the internet.

    Example #4: You harness affiliates to promote your digital products.

    Example #5: You redirect domains with traffic to CPA offers or your own platforms.

    I could extend that list all morning but it wouldn't help you as much as Rose.

    The trick:

    1. What you like.
    2. What you're good at.

    Figure out where you fit into IM Land. Once you know that, learn the passive approaches to those specific areas.



    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Hey Janson05. Im a beginner just like you. I got into affiliate marketing about a month ago. Just learning the ropes still. Right now I'm learning cpa marketing. I recommend you check this out. Basically you get paid for when you get someone to perform a action. For example if you link someone to a survey, you can get paid like 2$ for that lead. Its also important to build a email list while you do it.. Mail chimp is free if you want to start there. I got members on my list by doing a simple method. I found a survey from maxbounty . Made a Landing page with clickfunnels I used the click funnels free trial to get started but mailchimp also lets you make some pages. After this, I post a ad on craigslist for people who want to make money voicing their opinion. They clicked the landing page, gave me their email and now I can build a email list and get potential $ from people who fill out the survey! Neat trick
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  • You need a good foundation to start from, I wish told me this before I got started in the internet marketing passive income space.

    1. Only sell good products. 80% of the work is done by the product, alot of people will confuse you but talking about traffic strategies and retargeting. Ignore them and focus on this first. Also stay away from products like Clickbank and Aliexpress, the products are garbage and your gonna struggle

    2. Increase the value of your lead magnet. Don't bother with 'free cheatsheet' 'free book'. It's been done and most people don't see value in that, cold traffic is a biatch

    3. Don't bother with email marketing. For the work you do and the reward you get. Not worth it. There are other alternatives like Facebook Groups and Messenger

    4. Actually help people. Money is atrracted to results.

    If you'd like to know more and done for you business model that your can plug and play. Search Learn Apply Win on Facebok
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