Getting traffic for a baby blog

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Is there any way by which a baby blog with minimum posts get traffic?
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    Keep adding more content, optimize for seo, build links, network on social media. Also, is paid traffic an option?
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    You need to make your content mor fresher, try to create more blog posts, and build good backlinks on socail media.
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    If the meaning of your question is: Are there any tricks that would allow my blog to have a lot of traffic? The answer is no. It would be too easy otherwise ...

    But if you create quality content and use standard SEO techniques, you should build an audience. Good luck!
    I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson
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    Hi there, i think Facebook ads is a good paid traffic. I also started a baby store and planning on adding blogs in it.

    I started using FB ads and getting good targeted traffic. I just need to optimized my ads and do some re-targeting. We could do a collaboration, I can promote your blog that has significance to what I sell and re-target people who visited the blog for more ads.
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      Hi Ninja Tech, Sounds good. Can you send me a DM to discuss further? Thanks
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        Hi there pankajmondal can you send your email via DM. My account is new and I can't send DM yet.
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