What social networks bring in the most traffic?

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Here is a question to all the expert online socializers.

From your experience, what social sites give your site the most hits?

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    For more traffic by a social media, then facebok will go first. Here this social media has own boosting option which is works really outstanding, this option is very helpful for spreading your content. Beside it facebook has different group where you will get huge traffic, you can share your content in the groups.
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    Most people use social media wrong. Social media is about being social and at the same time a place where you can contribute value.

    It's more about building brand, authority and relationships.

    So a better question would be...

    Which social media platform would be a better match for me?
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    For me FB groups bring most traffic. Pages are pretty much dead since Facebook decrease their reach with every new update.
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    Nowadays facebook, twitter are the most used platforms where you can drive thousands of traffic but sometimes it depends upon the niche and post shared link!
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    Instagram is the best way to bring in the customer right now!
    If you hit a tree in 5 random spots and tree wont fall down, but if you hit the tree 5 times in 1 place tree will fall!
    The point is you should FOCUS on 1 social media platform and i recommend Instagram because its simply the most popular and easiest to grow!

    I grew my page about dogs from 200 followers to 5000 in 2 weeks, but i used software called boomul.
    Its great tool for growing Instagram page quick and easy.
    Here https://boomul.com/#5a6e378643e5a you can get free trial and try it out!
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    Social Networks, that bring in the most traffic, is a contradiction in terms.

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    Facebook for me is the one for real!
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    It depends on your target audience.

    Facebook doesn't seem as popular with younger people as it once was. They probably got tired of their grandparents sharing their space

    LinkedIn is used by professionals looking for other professionals. It's more business minded and less social.

    YouTube is popular especially if the topic requires "seeing" how something is done.

    Instagram is quickly gaining popularity.

    Crafters live on Pinterest.

    Find out where you target audience is and go there.

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    Hi! I believe Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the top social media sites that highly influence people.
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    Traffic hits or buyers?

    Pinterest has sent me both in some good niches. Pinterest also gives your efforts longevity. Post a tweet & it is quickly off of peoples radar/view in minutes/hours. Facebook also is similar unless you get good engagement & even then a couple days is a posts longevity. I know I get repins from pins I made 2-3 years ago on Pinterest.

    YouTube also has some good longevity if you can rank your video well. It also can send you buyers.

    Facebook groups also send me traffic in a couple niches. It's not so much me posting in all these groups but it is the "pinned post" in groups I run.
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    I think they are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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    Originally Posted by whitehat View Post


    Here is a question to all the expert online socializers.

    From your experience, what social sites give your site the most hits?

    For me, Facebook has always given me the most traffic for social media.
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    Instagram is the best option to grow your brand awareness, and its the most popular social site for age groups from 17-45 years. Plus there are alot of social hacking tools that help grow your audience organically. I used Boomul for my account. Check it out and see if you like, it has 2 day free trial Boomul
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    Reddit is great for getting instant traffic to a site. My secret here is to write a blog post about something cool I've found.

    So the traffic is junk but I do think Google values the backlinks from Reddit, which will help the medium term success of the site.
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    Does it really matter?

    It depends on your niche, a lot of websites and industries perform incredibly poorly on social media.

    Take a look at the data:

    1. 0.22% of the average brand's Facebook fans engage with the brand's posts.

    2. There isn't a single retail brand in the list of 100 most followed accounts on Twitter (80% of the most followed accounts are people, not brands).

    3. Amazon is the world's most valuable brand, and only 0.3% of its customers follow it on Instagram.

    In short, unless you're a media company, why are you wasting your time? Social media is a SOCIAL medium; Zuckerberg announced back in 2005 how it was going to transform corporate relationships, and the way we do business would change: brands would create social relationships with their consumers.

    Fast forward to 2018, and he realised it didn't work. Facebook, like every other platform, makes all of its money through advertising.

    Create content, get links, and start accepting that spending all of your time on social media is pretty much pointless.
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    There are more than 30 websites we use in our project but honestly, Facebook and Twitter bring the most traffic on our websites.

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