I have an app to market in London and want to start with Facebook

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Let me start off by saying that I am not really clued up on any of this, but here is my particular problem if anyone has the time to look.

I have an app that I have licensed from overseas. It is a system of finding local exercise groups called GTme. IT has taken me months to find enough trainers that I have managed to interest in posting their sessions but I could not predict when I would find them and so having a slow, brand building marketing campaign with poster etc. was difficult to synchronise. I was therefore hoping try and make a quicker impact using facebook or adwords. My trainers are in London to start with but I will need to grow if I can start turning a profit before they get bored.

What I was really after was some ongoing advice or a partner that can help me get on my feet or look after some campaigns to get us going.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated regarding where to start or if this plan needs to be re-thought.

Many thanks for reading...
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    Is this for one or multiple fitness companies?

    Seems like most of the groups would already require a membership.

    Are you planning on charging a fee for each fitness session?
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    It may be worth exploring the two mentioned platforms, however I would exercise caution and ensure you are using the most drilled down targeting possible on each platform, just to test the waters. Do you have some sort of a sales funnel in place already? If not, I would invest some time and or money in developing some copy to utilize in your funnel. Is the app free for the consumer I assume and pay for the trainers?
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    Well the app is free to download and use and just takes a small percentage of the fee when a customer signs up for a session. There is a loyalty system inbuilt into the app which rewards return customers and we are currently running a 2-4-1 deal on sessions to get people interested but I do agree we should concentrate on the 'interest' phase of the funnel as well. It is the awareness part of the funnel I am concerned about right now, however as we need people to download and try what I believe to be a good idea and fair product.
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