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I am newbie blogger and internet marketer. Though I have written several blogs and posted my ebooks, I do not seem to make the right connections and at the moment I can't afford to pay for ads or coaching. Can anybody tell me what's the best move to take? Thank you.
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    What is your goal? Get more traffic? More Conversions? or improve your network?
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      all of the above you mentioned, thank you
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    Start with free education on Youtube. You can get anything you need off youtube.
    Also Google has a free marketing course. Just google it and you'll find it.
    That will be a good start.
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    The best move is always you. Start with what you want to become in Search Engine am sure you can get some useful data follow up each and every step.
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    I would second the YouTube recommendation. Try to see if you can work as a virtual assistant for someone who is currently very successful online. Shadow them and see how they do things, then model their success. I always recommend people to replicate others' success.
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      Thank you, I still need to learn how to be a virtual assistant online, I will check on your advise
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    Select a good channel in Youtube and start learning from it , Read the review and comments of the video and then go for it, Otherwise you will waste your time and efforts also and result will be nothing , the best way for free education is Youtube
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      thanks mate, trying to learn more
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    To start a online courses.do search engine optimization it is the best move
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      been trying to learn how to use seo, thank you
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    I suggest you read articles and research on the methods on how to be a successful marketer and also keep up with the latest trends. Browsing on forums like this one can help too. You can also get a lot of great help if you ask questions on this forum.

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    First, do not be overwhelmed. Baby steps are fine to start with. It takes a little time to get to know how it all works.
    Here are some of the things you can do:
    • READ top blogs about the different channels of digital marketing- email marketing, advertising, affiliate etc.
    • Improve upon your writing: Think about how you can engage the reader
    • Watch Videos and Tutorials on Internet Marketing
    • Experiment
    Do not let the flood of information confuse you. Be confident and make you way!
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    Build a presence both in search engines and social media... work at creating a brand
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    In my experience, making network connections is also super important. One of my biggest mistakes was not doing this soon enough. The mechanics behind internet marketing are all important too, (blogging, youtube, building funnels, building your list) but I would just say don't wait to start getting to know other internet marketers on Facebook. It's been incredibly helpful to me and I hope it helps you, start getting to know IM'ers on FB!

    Hope this helps
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    mi olso i'm new
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  • No money means you having to do a lot of work upfront, before you see any reward.

    So you can start with doing research about the niches you are in.

    Write hundreds possibly even a thousand of unique well written articles, and post them on various social bookmarking websites and article marketing websites.

    All of your well written articles should link back to your relevant blog posts, which should then be promoting your ebooks as further in depth study on your niche topics.

    Once you make some sales then invest in some paid advertising.
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    Begin with some free stuff like engaged yourself on youtube, tumblr and some popular websites.
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