Please I have a problem with my blog

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I haven't been able to rearrange my gadgets and i can't add more gadgets to my landing page (not sidebar). Can anyone help with this???
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    Check your theme, maybe these gadgets were locked.
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    Hi Janet,

    This may not be the advice you want. I'd recommend dropping altogether in favour of having a blog on a paid host. You can get started very inexpensively.

    1. Domain.

    You may be able to find a coupon that allows you to purchase a .com for 99 cents.

    To find coupons:

    A. Have a look on There's a Godaddy coupon thread.

    B. Put a search into Google for 99 cent Godaddy coupon. Check the Ad links. If that doesn't yield any usable coupons, just visit all of the Ad listings and organic listings on page 1 and then head over to YouTube. You should begin to see ads for the 99 cent Godaddy domains.

    2. Hosting.

    You can get decent virtual hosting for less than 5 bucks a month.

    You'll never find two marketers who agree on which is a good host (well, bit of an exaggeration, but it's a contentious topic) but I can recommend a couple:

    A. SiteGround.

    B. BlueHost.

    3. Themes.

    If you have the budget, I can highly recommend for a premium Wordpress theme. If you'd rather lower your budget for now, then you'll find plenty of great free themes.

    A. Free on Theme Forest.

    B. Free on Wordpress.

    C. Slap a search into Google for "free wordpress themes."

    4. Reason.

    You can get started with your own domain and hosting for around $5 if you're able to get that Godaddy discount code. If not, you're looking at about $15 and under $5 for your hosting.

    Question is, why go the paid host route?

    A. Functionality.

    The functionality is far superior to Blogger. I've been in IM for 23 years and was among the first to begin blogging. At one stage I had a digital development business. Whilst blogger is a handy way to blog on a budget, it's not ideal for business. In terms of functionality, you have thousands of free plugins that extend the usefulness of the Wordpress CMS from a user and admin perspective.

    B. Conversions.

    From a conversions POV, you'll find that is yet again at a disadvantage. In a word: trust. The consumer is more likely to trust a hosted blog on a relevant domain than a free blog on Blogger. This is another one of those contentious subjects. When it comes to conversions, though, it's about limiting/ overcoming barriers to conversions. One such barrier is trust.

    C. Security.

    You can put your heart and soul into that blog for the next decade. But what if decides to close up shop? All of that hard work will be for nothing. With your own paid host, you protect yourself. You can even swap hosts and take that blog with you, whilst also keeping the same URL structure that you've worked hard to index in search engines.

    For anywhere between 5 and 15 bucks, you can leave Blogger. I'd just consider it and weigh up your options.



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      I have my own custom domain sir
      The problem now is just the limitations
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    Some themes on are not suitable for multiple gadgets. You should try to look for themes that support that.

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    I'm going to have to agree with Tom, if you are using a free service like and hope to make money, you're heading down the wrong path.

    Get your own domain and hosting and go from there.
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    You can own your domain and still use Blogger. Really, at the end of the day it is no different than using another host. You are just using Blogger as the host.

    As long as it does everything you need, no real need to host it somewhere else and use a different platform you may not be as comfortable with.
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      I have a domain name so all I have to do now is work on my blog?
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        Originally Posted by Janetdaniel View Post

        I have a domain name so all I have to do now is work on my blog?
        If you have your own domain, you need to setup custom domain on your blogger. Go to Setting -> Basic. Under "Publishing" section, you will see your blog address. If you want to change to another name, just simply click on the "Edit" text beside and enter the new name. To setup a custom domain name, you need to click on the text "+Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog" right below.

        I've already had the article guide on how to do this. You can read the detail here

        I hope this helps!
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    Maybe you don't want to change the hosting service. The best possible reason that you cannot add a new gadget is the gadgets are locked on the theme. You can unlock it by editing the HTML. Go to the HTML editor of blogger and turned the "locked=true" to "locked=false" and max gadgets number to a higher value.
    This will surely help you to ad new gadgets.
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    Did you tried to change your theme? Playing around with the settings might help.

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