Best way to get an eBook / short report focusing on my work?

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I develop interactive music applications. It's awesome. I love what I do. And I genuinely try and help the clients I work with, because I think their work matters to the world.

Sometimes the best help I can give is just sharing ideas on how to do more with less of my development work.

So I think it would be helpful to put together a small PDF (10 pages?) that covers the tech used in a recent project I did and give it out to people.

Should I:
- Try and hire a content marketer or a freelance writer to do it for me?
- Hire an editor to just manage the project since maybe I'm confusing the writers on upwork with my requests?
- Just record a conversation I have with a friend, auto transcribe it, then get someone to clean up the writing? Then hire someone to format, etc.

Is there a smarter way to go about personal content generation like this?

Some other info:

The outline might look like this:
i. Intro / About
1. Goal: Teach Guitar Solos Online
2. Tech Option 1: Static Website with Patreon
3. Tech Option 2: Wordpress Site with Memberful Plugin
4. Tech Option 3: Package a PDF, song, and a video as a gumroad product
5. Resources: List of things to help you along your way
6. Contact: Links to my site / email / blog / whatever for further questions

The audience would be other music pros interested in building their own educational products.

I'd probably put it up on gumroad for $2 and give free codes out to music instructors.
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