Does anyone selling in Facebook?

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Hi there!
I want to try sell my products in Facebook (for example - books). And I wonder how Facebook has established itself as a market for sales? Does anyone sell their products and how much is it successful?
And immediately one more question. Are there any services that allows you to download the goods to Facebook from the file? Because there is a lot of goods and manually upload there is take a long time.
Thank's a lot for your answers
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    It really depends on the niche. Facebook has a huge network of people and many great ways to target.

    I'm not really following your second question about the goods
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    Facebook ads can target very specific demographics, which depending on the product can be very successful. I'm with Chris, in that, i'm not following your second question.

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    Hi Nik,

    I sell physical and digital products on FB for one of my businesses. I cannot say enough good things about Facebook. It isn't the perfect platform (example: reach limitations) but it's currently my favourite for selling physical products.

    You need to focus on owning and using FB Pages and FB Groups. Groups, at last count, actually have more than half the traffic of Craigslist. Furthermore, since buyers are now very accustomed to using groups to make purchases, you'll find less and less buyer resistance.

    Let me give you a few suggestions to get the ball rolling. It's a big subject, as you can appreciate, but hopefully you'll find the suggestions useful and other Warriors will continue to chip in.

    1. Grow a group.
    2. Grow a page.
    3. Sell in existing groups.
    4. Forget about FB ads.
    5. Don't always sell.

    What do I mean about item 5? I mean, you want to attract people to your group and page by a combination of free and paid media. Free media is more readily shared on FB, so you want to syndicate sharable media in order to grow your followers and members.

    Books are a great niche, by the way.



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  • Facebook is a natural marketplace for products. It's really easy to target the right market, just look for the right group or create a community.
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    Hey Nik,

    It really depends on what it is you are selling. Facebook is without a doubt a very strong platform to sell on, but do take into account how you storytell or story "sell" on FB. The way you talk to different audiences in different niches is very different. The way you sell on Instagram for example is also different than how you would sell on Facebook.

    Without knowing exactly what it is you're selling, I would say that the easiest way to find an answer to your question is to go to Facebook and look for people and facebook groups in your niche, and see how the successful people sell. Copy what they're doing, but add in your own personal style to it
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    the costing of ads on facebook is becoming expensive nowadays.
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