Buyer Persona: Better to focus on ONE Buyer Persona or target several?

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I started a course about Digital Marketing and I am currently working on my Buyer Persona. I am planning to launch a Travel Blog and I find that I have a lot of Buyer Personas.

Is it better to pick one Buyer Persona and create content around that one? Or should I create a wide array of content to target as many Buyer Personas as possible?
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    I'm not really sure what you mean when you say buyer personas. Can you share an example?
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    Originally Posted by IsaSantos View Post

    Is it better to pick one Buyer Persona and create content around that one? Or should I create a wide array of content to target as many Buyer Personas as possible?
    There is nothing wrong with having multiple buyer personas.

    You should probably focus your efforts at those you can understand and target easily.

    When starting out you need to create content that will appeal to the audience at the top of your funnel so it is most about creating awareness and starting the process for your audience to get to know you.

    If you have many buyer personas work out for each of them what their key goals and objectives are, where they hang out or get their information from, what their main challenges and pain points are and what their roles are in the purchasing decisions or objections they might make.

    You can build out some authority content that has maybe a generalised appeal to a few of the buying personas and by creating links and additional content or offers for more specific information you can allow them to "self select" which helps you identify where someone puts themselves.

    Do you have any product or monetisation strategies in place for the audiences you are going after?

    If you are hoping to sell things then it helps to move people along from your content into opting in for something and then add value to their lives so you can then sell them something.

    You want to have an idea of the intentions of your personas or prospects and the context in which they have those intentions.

    For example.

    One person might want to travel to Fiji (their intention) because they are getting married and want to honeymoon there (their context)

    Another person might want to travel to Fiji (their intention) because they heard the surfing was good (their context)

    You can write content about Fiji where you suggest there are great honeymoon locations or surf locations etc and then link to deeper content (or even a downloadable guide)

    What you then do is start to both retarget the visitor using pixels and also by getting them to opt-in to get the deeper content.

    That way you are gradually building your list of prospects for a variety of material.

    You can build content for people at each stage of the buying cycle from cold, warm through to hot.

    Some of this content will be sprinkled out in social channels and it will all lead back to deeper content in your blog.

    You can use keyword modifiers in your blog titles to attract different prospects at different stages of their buying process.

    For example cold traffic may respond to "Tips" "Lists" "Information" "News" so in the Fiji example. "Top 10 tips for people visiting Fiji"

    The warmer traffic would respond to other modifiers like "reviews" "purchase" "compare"

    So again a warmer example "Compare Honeymoon Resorts of Fiji"

    It is one thing to work out your buying personas and don't be frightened to look at many.

    Once you've done that see what commonalities can be identified between them so you can build some general content but at the same time see if you can identify specific concerns you can write about to attract the warmer prospect.

    See if you can draw out the flow you want your prospect to take and then design your content to move people along that path.

    Best regards,

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    Why not create a customer avatar that has the ability to communicate and market to those different buyer personas?

    Think, Flo from Progressive Insurance. I have an older product on here somewhere that teaches about customer avatars, I should update it with some new information but it's still a solid product for understanding the process of creating a customer avatar.

    Do less work by creating ONE customer avatar instead of creating multiple buyer personas.... some of the buyer personas may be 'hit or miss' and you'll have to do lots of testing etc. to fine tune it but if you create one customer avatar, you have less work to tweak it so it applies or can communicate with multiple buy personas.
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