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New to marketing in General, I am building a IT consulting business. Right now I'm trying to push residential computer repair. Eventually I want to start pushing Business repair, networking and web development.

I have read the book The one page marketing plan and he talks about email marketing for building my business. This sound like a solid strategy.

Running my first Facebook ad, it sucks and can't get people to click in interest. Out of 1600 reach only got 3 clicks and no one signed up for newsletter.

1. Is there a way to make sure my link is working on a Facebook ad? It shows a preview but I can't click it to see if it goes to my landing page or not?

2. In the book it says to not make it feel like an ad, but I'm trying to think of ways to entice people to sign up. Don't want to spend 60 dollars a month for one person to sign up. What would be a solid way to get people to sign up and push product?
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    Hey Justin,

    I am new to internet marketing too, so that's my full disclaimer.

    How and when do people ordinarily search for a residential computer repair business?
    Asking in earnest because I am in the IT game myself and never had to seek outside help to fix my computers.

    Wouldn't your prospect need to already have a broken computer that they are actively looking to fix?

    Assuming that's the case, wouldn't they be more likely to use Google to search for something like "computer repair near me"?

    I can't speak for anybody else, but I don't search Facebook for a solution to any urgent problem.

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    I guess what my game plan was going to be, I was going to have a couple general computer repair ads, to catch ransoms who need repair.

    I also want to find articles I can give value with, so people will generally click and want to read them. Like say, what is a computer and what exactly is it used for?

    It's a headline that may grab the attention of a novice, but wants to learn. These are the people I would think you would want to sign up for a newsletter with. Then continuously giving them learning tips. But when something breaks, they will remember you and call for help.

    At least that is my game plan so far. But find the right article is the tricky thing. Figure send them new articles once a week. Every 4 weeks, remind them of what services you offer.

    Just need to think up good headlines that would make them want to read what you have to say.
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    One page marketing plan is a good quick book.

    Personally, I would skip the residential repair and go straight for the b2b market.

    I would use postcards if I had to do the residential, and I would get EwenMack's advice in the Offline subforum to implement it.

    However, B2C is like pulling teeth sometimes...it's "their" money, they're not used to spending cash on computer repair, they don't have a sense of what it should cost so it's "so expensive." And generally they only need help once, very infrequently.

    B2B... it's not "their" money, it's the company's money...they're used to ongoing expenses...they know it's valuable and you don't have to sell them on the idea. Additionally, B2B have tech problems more frequently, so repeat business is built right in.
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    If I were doing computer repair I would put out content on social media about how to repair computers. Also (with the customer's permission) document any repairs that I do for people.
    You could make money from the ad revenue on YouTube or a blog as well as selling your service.
    Then people will see you as an expert and the go to person when something is wrong because you're building trust and relationship with the audience.
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    You can't go wrong about bragging about client testimonials or service reviews/ratings. Make sure you've set the right demographics when buying Facebook ads. -Micah
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    Do you all know if there is a way to view a Facebook ad? As in see how it sees, click learn more and be able to make sure the ad is working properly?
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