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Hi Warriors,

Which free traffic strategies do you prefer for lead generation?
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    I think every man traffic is best. more then 18+ is very good person..
    Thank You.
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    Once you have found where your audience tends to hangout then it's a matter of reaching out to them (email, social media, forum, blog posts). You have to then convince them that what you're saying is valid and helpful. Basically, convince them that you are an authentic authority figure on the subject matter, by showing your knowledge and skill.

    There's no single method that works for every audience. Use the appropriate platform for your audience.

    So, for example, if they are mostly young people then they may hang out on Snapchat or Instagram. A much older generation may prefer articles posted on blogs or sent via email.
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    This is a wide question as there are lots of free traffic strategies but it depends on the one that you have decided to be dedicated to and make the best out of it.

    However, the most common one that will take less time is social media (Facebook) through your profile, group interactions and managing your page.

    You can also go further to create a brand by creating other social media profiles such as twitter, pinterest, tumblr and Instagram and post relevant and engaging content...
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    As has been pointed out you need to think about who you are targeting.
    Young people spend a lot of time on social media, women like Pinterest
    and the products/services there acknowledge that.

    Social Media such as Facebook and Pinterest,Twitter, Instagram etc.

    Tumblr and Google+ for blog postings.

    Blog commenting in your niche. Look for the top blogs in Google
    and make helpful comments about the posts. Do not spam.

    Try to guest blog on blogs in your niche.
    Go to the highest traffic ones if possible.
    If this is difficult, then go for medium traffic ones.

    Answer questions on Q&A sites such as Quora.

    To learn about free traffic methods, read the blogs of top online marketers
    such as Neil Patel, Matthew Woodward, Pat Flynn etc.

    Look for the major traffic forums in your niche and join them to answer
    questions and be helpful.

    Don't try to master everything all at once.
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    Hi Kragsig,

    As kgibest2 mentions, it's a big question. Nonetheless, though, a very good question.

    The traffic strategies you use depend on a handful of items:

    1. Your budget.
    2. Your assets (software, website, etc).
    3. Your niche.
    4. Where your audience hangs out.
    5. The most optimized means of capturing that audience.
    6. Your own strengths and weaknesses.

    If you're new to IM, what I'd suggest is this:

    1. Free traffic sources.
    2. Simple conversions.

    As one of our top warriors, Jason Kanigan, often says:

    1. Traffic.
    2. Conversions.

    Those are the only 2 things you need to make money.

    The trick - when starting out - is to make life easier. You want to get earning so that you can fund more IM activities, yes, but also because you want to prove to yourself that your time is being well spent.

    I'll give you a solid approach.

    First up, you need a place to convert leads and earn money. I'd recommend you monetize with affiliate offers since these are obviously easier than setting up your own products.

    You can two tried and tested models:

    1. The squeeze page.
    2. The blog.

    Both of them are equally effective and used by most other Warriors. Out of the two? The blog is probably the cheapest and easiest to setup. The disadvantage is audience collection on a blog. You can integrate email marketing but you'll find it harder to grow your list with a blog until you learn effective content marketing.

    To simply get earning, the blog is probably easiest. Many affiliate networks dislike email marketing and, if you go the squeeze page route right away, you'll have to learn quite a few more technical functions. (Which is not to put the squeeze page down. I'm a fan, but I'm also not a newbie, having been at this for 23 years.)

    If you go the blog route? You want to examine your competition and examine the market. Learn what your audience wants and how to write for them. Instead of throwing up banners, add links to affiliate offers inside your articles. You'll send better quality traffic that way, because you can warm up the leads better than a banner ad, say.

    So that takes care of your base camp. Now for traffic.

    These are the 6 best places for organic traffic in 2018:

    1. Facebook.
    2. YouTube.
    3. Instagram.
    4. Twitter.
    5. Google.
    6. Google-Plus.

    The easiest out of the bunch? Instagram (IG). The trick is to learn how to grow your IG and use a link in your bio to send targeted traffic to monetized articles or your squeeze. IG is sending absolutely monster levels of traffic this month and it'll only get better. From a newbie perspective, it's ideal.

    A few thoughts for you to consider. Perhaps use them as springboards to learn more and have a dig around WF.



    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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  • Yes there are many strategies to get lead generation. As mentioned below, blog posting in social media sites and solving queries from Quora are best ways to get traffic. How you interact with your followers in social media site matters your lead generation.
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    Pretty much any place I know I can get real eyeballs that are even a little bit targeted without coming off as spammy to the owners/controllers of a site. These days you have to be able to leverage every resource and not just rely on doing things once. Old article marketing was fun, because you could just write articles, post them to directories and get traffic. It became a numbers game. Now you have to work harder and be more involved. It's more social now.
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    For creating social media accounts... Do you use your company name or do you make an alias name to push the product?
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    The answer depends on so many factors, actually. Before you start with anything, you need to identify the kind and amount of resources that you're willing to invest in this. You also need to identify the quality and the type of traffic that you wish to bring in. -Micah
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    For lead generation you have to follow every single techniques of SEO off page.
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    As many strats that i can use to get free traffic, the better off i am in the long run. In this instance, more is always better.
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  • To generate free traffic takes a lot of time and effort, but the rewards can last for a long time.

    YouTube is a good platform to generate free traffic if you are serious about creating a brand that you are not too shy to represent, by standing in front of the video camera.

    * Create a series of how to/information videos pertaining to your niche and put a link to your opt in page in the first line of your video description

    * Ask your viewers to like your videos

    * Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, so you can notify them of your next video in the series.

    This method will take time before you develope a great following. You can speed up the process by using YouTube advertising to promote your videos to a broader targeted audience.
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