About to launch first campaign! But, do I have all I need...?

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Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. I'm getting ready to put together everything I need to launch my first campaign soon, but I wanted to check if I've got everything I need before I launch. So, I'm just going to list things out real quick, hopefully in order, but I'm essentially looking to see if having things 'flow' this way is correct

Find offer to promote
research offer
choose traffic source
create LP (if needed), I'll need a domain name, hosting, and make sure my Voluum is set and ready to go
create ads
link ads to LP, LP to offer page
split test ads and find winning creative

**so, this is overly simplistic, but am I at least in the ballpark? Thanks all, Mike
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    If I were you I would add one more thing to the list. And that one thing would be to use some kind of spy software to see where the bulk of your offer's traffic is currently coming from. Make sure you aren't wasting your time and money on untested sources. If you haven't already done so, you could check out "Similar Web" or one of those types of sites and see where their traffic is from. Maybe think about some of that traffic instead. Just something to think about.
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      Ah, perfect! Why reinvent the wheel, right? Thanks for that great advice
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    Hey Mike, Some excellent advice fom Kent, sounds really simple when you write it out like that,but do your study.
    The stuff from Entrepeneurs9 I would ignore, they have just joined and want you to go off site.....Dangerous
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      Great to know! Thanks, Wayne. Good to know what to steer clear of.
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    It sounds like you have the general idea. Now the most important part is actually doing it and doing it over again and again.
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