Some advice for a newbie please???

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Hiya folks,

I really want to get started in affiliate marketing, it looks very interesting and I like the idea of working for myself from the comfort of my own home. I've been researching some services, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama CB Passive Income, and a few others. CB Passive Income seems like the most newbie friendly, since everything is done for you and you have the potential to earn while you learn.

I found a few old posts about Patric Chan's system from 2014, but I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is using it now, and how is it working out for you? One of the old threads mentioned that for an extra fee, he will also drive traffic to the landing page as well. I like the idea of him driving traffic while I learn to do that for myself without paying out an arm and a leg for iffy traffic.

Any help is appreciated.

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