My website ranking on google is zero

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Hey Guys

I successfully hosted my website a couple of months ago but just discovered that my website, is ranking zero on google.

Please I really need your professional advice on a step by step way to getting it rank on google as at least the first five.

I'm also thinking it's because of google adwords and back linking. Don't know how to go about that either. Please help

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    What are you building the website with?

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    What do you want the site to rank for? and how do you plan on making money with the site?

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      My site is actually about technology innovations publications aimed to proffer solutions but I really do not have a clue of what it can be ranked for? Need help please.

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      I want my PR on google to increase from zero to at least 8/10. I guess it's possible
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    I don't understand your point please....
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    New website don't get rank on Google soon, they need time and quality backlinks. Just post few quality guest posts and you will be soon on the platform. I posted onlt 5 guest post and my website rank 2/10 on moz.
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    At first analyse your website thoroughly and then check all the links,internal pages and other pages of the website. Then start with a strategy by beginning with bookmarking, directory submisison, slide/ppt presentation, Business Listing and other off-page activities and then check the status of your website. Gradually with consistent working and effective way of promoting the website will result into improving the status of the website.But, Just be patient and analyse the website thoroughly.
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    I think you must hire a SEO services company. In case if you are starting from the beginning or for first time, you should find such affordable SEO experts & digital marketing company which are in your budget. I know one of them; my all-time favorite ones. I always contact them for IT solutions and service.
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    You have to give some time to increase rank n do enough off page backlinks 0n your webside.
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    Get SEO service for your website from a reliable SEO / Digital Marketing Company. They will help you to get a better rank on Search Engine.
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    I think you are on right path.. just do like this put link on forum discussion.

    do 100 for 100 days. its help much

    Am I Right ?
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