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Thinking of doing a free giveaway on my Instagram account to increase engagement. I am in the weight loss niche but cant decide what i should give to the winner. It will be a tag a friend/like/follow type competition. I'm hoping to increase the engagement on my page that will result in opt-ins on my list.

What sort of things could I give away to the winner? Any suggestions and how I should run this? Is it a good idea?

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    If you a free ebook on weight loss that has a high perceived value you could give this away.

    Or you could give an Amazon voucher for $5 or $10.

    Another option is to contact someone that is running a weight loss course and ask them if they will provide you with a money off voucher to give as a free giveaway.

    Hope this helps.
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    free ebooks usually do well, another thing you could do that I was thinking could really help you stand out is do some sort of fitness gift card. Doesn't have to be huge, maybe like a $20-$25 gift card to a gym or something. I know that'd definitely cover a month or two of membership at planet fitness for example.

    Hope that helps you out!
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    Hi Rob,
    yes that's an excellent idea - quite unusual and a real incentive for people to enter.
    You could get a lot of participation for a relatively small outlay with a gift card.

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    Gift cards are always a good idea. You can also give away a subscription to weight loss programs/courses to the winner. -Micah
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