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by mia111
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Hi all,

Already posted twice and very grateful for the tips and feedback.

I have realized the power of email marketing and understand to build long term passive income, this is the key.

I would appreciate being advised of a beginners way into email marketing.

I am aware of aweber and mailchimp? which one of these or another would you suggest that is newbie friendly.

I understand now about landing pages, but any suggestions of the best landing page program to use for getting email opt ins.

Also, do I have to put a disclaimer about getting a persons email etc in any emails I send out or on a landing page?

How often should you send out an email also, as I don't want to bombard people.

Any further tips I would be grateful for.

Getting there slowly with it all, it's a constant learning curve but I would rather learn and understand everything myself than outsource, for now.

Many Thanks
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    I am aware of aweber and mailchimp? which one of these or another would you suggest that is newbie friendly.
    That's a common discussion and questions already answered in the email section many times - with full explanations so you will not only have an answer but an understanding of the solution.

    Use forum search for detailed info on autoresponders, starting an email list - building a list, disclaimers, etc. Read some of the good threads already in the email section of the forum.

    Just learn as you go and you'll be fine.
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    There are various security checkpoints for sent emails and it is very correct that you pay attention to not having to repeatedly send mail. To prevent you from that I`d like to suggest service There you can find ability to recycle the database periodically, select those who have not responded previously and send follow-ups to those who did not reply, and exclude those who responded.
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    Nothing is newbie-friendly. Everything has its syntax which you must learn to use it. Once you learn one app, though, principles can be carried across to others. Eg. video editing...once you learn how to use one video editor, you'll "get it" and understand when you use another editor "Here is the timeline, these are the tracks" etc. But there will always be syntax to learn ("How do I do this in this program?").

    When you get a new car, you have to figure out how to operate the stereo. Sure, you have operated car stereos before, and understand the basics...but getting a specific function to work? That may require opening the manual or searching around menus. There is no escape from learning syntax.

    The autoresponder should provide the spot for wording at the bottom of each email saying why the lead is getting this message, and giving them the chance to opt out.

    Frequency of emailing is a debated topic. Once a day seems reasonable. Some people have been successful messaging several times a day; others are horrified by that idea and have done well messaging once a week. It's really up to you and your list to figure out.

    There is no "best" program for generating landing pages. You can make a landing page for free on your own Wordpress website if you want, instead of buying ClickFunnels or something.

    Business is not a paint by numbers activity. There is not "one right way" to do tasks. You have to figure things out for yourself.
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    In reference to "bombarding" people with emails, I personally like hearing from people I know and like. For example, I find Alex Becker very entertaining so I don't care how often he emails me.
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    Thank you all for feedback.

    Will take it all on board.

    Absolutely, you have learn so many things in life, how to use something for first time etc, and can see that is the same with internet marketing. It's all baby steps, thank you.

    I agree about emails, I am happy to receive one a day from people that really inspire me, but I think I would start just once or twice a week as still learning.

    Thank you again

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    You should go slowly on email blasts and on sending out too many e-mails within short intervals. If you wish to cut down costs without slowing down your system and having emails stuck, send out emails in batches. Also, try to be more personal in constructing your emails. -Micah
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    Thank you, may I ask, is it better to build up your own organic email list when starting or buy email blasts off fiverr for example? I am going to be using mail chimp as set up an account and it seems beginner friendly.
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      Build your own list. It will be targeted people who want to hear from you and are interested in your niche. It's about building your audience not just the size of your list.

      The lists you buy on fiverrr are pretty much worthless IMHO.

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    Don't ever go to any of these email blast services! They are no good, or they will only do you good if you really know what you are doing!

    As for some of the questions you asked ... a lot depends on the niche you are in and your target audience.

    Some email lists in the make money online niche they send out four or five emails a day. In other niches you'd send one email per week, or even per month and it's enough to keep your relationship with your list.

    You should think of email marketing as a tool to achieve a result.

    So, what is your desired outcome of email marketing?
    And who is your audience?
    What do they expect? When I sign up for anything offered here in warriorforum I expect to get at least one email per day. This is IM.

    When I sign up for a newsletter from my fav band, I expect to hear from them when they got news. New video out, new album, tourdates. I wouldn't expect them to mail me every day. That would be absurd.

    As to building landing pages, there's a ton of good products out there.
    Again you'd have to think what you want and need first before getting one.
    Like, do you need to add pop ups, timers, attention bars, ... ?
    Do you need tracking?
    Need to build intricate funnels? Or just a simple lander?
    Squeeze page? Or full blown landing page - maybe with video or slideshow? Lots of text? Do you want your landing page to integrate with your blog? Do you want to have page navigation on the lander or not?

    then you look for one that offers what you need.

    Autoresponders: Again - first define what you wan to do. Mailchimp: No affiliate links in your emails. Aweber: To get behavior based automation and segmentation you need aw pro tools.
    Are you in make money online, gambling, adult niche? Almost all autoresponders do not allow this .. read their TOS or else you'll waste a lot of time setting up accounts that will be shut down on your first email blast.
    Look at other autoresponders as well. There are so many out there. Some even come with a free plan for a limited number of subs.
    There are people who say that free = low quality. I am not sure. All my lists for my offline business are on free plan in mailchimp, have been for years, and it's great.
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    Yes I agree that buying a list from ANYONE is a waste of money and time. Build your own list. Your own subscribers will actually want to hear from you and listen to things you say. Get them on your list, deliver value and use the laws of attraction to your benefit. Give, give, give value. They will be inclined to listen to you and to pay you back for how you helped them. Monetizing on a list of someone else's is a tough hit and miss biz.
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