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Hey everyone! I'm desperate for some help and totally confused. I'm just starting out with seo and I have created a 1 page website by myself (I know a bit of html, css, javascript). Run it through SEMrush audits and seoptimer. It seems to be fine, the content needs an upgrade (~550 word count now) and I have 0 backlinks but aside from that seems to be fine. The thing is I've indexed this webpage 3 times now over last 5 days using google fetch. And it does appear after searching site:url. But it doesn't appear in first 500 positions of google (google wouldn't even show me more) The keywords I target aren't very competitive according to longtail pro. What is funny that 1st version was showing up in bing on 4th page but recently I've used bing webmaster tools to crawl it and it totally didappeared (site:url doesn't show it) I got no notification of indexing error. Please help me!
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    the content needs an upgrade (~550 word count now) and I have 0 backlinks but aside from that seems to be fine
    You created a ONE page site and hope to rank it using 'SEO' - even though the content it outdated and there are no backlinks leading to the site.

    Start over - build a site worth visiting, add good content and take time getting backlinks to build paths to that site and THEN SEO can help you.
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    So in general it's not possible to start a website on pure seo even in low competition domains? There are some guys out there saying that it is possible to rank with good content with little backlinks but I guess one page website is a no go no matter how much content I create there right? Also just as a rule of thumb how much time does it take to build a niche website with good content that starts to be profitable? I'm not gonna lie I'm in here for the money. But did I just get fooled that you can simply choose a good niche and get some easy buck?

    Thank you very much for the reply

    PS so I guess profitable website creation is more about writting and content creating than IT and technical stuff right? That sucks :/
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    I just get fooled that you can simply choose a good niche and get some easy buck?
    Yes, you got fooled. You wanted to believe earning money online was easy and fast - not much work. You probably knew it sounded 'too good to be true'.

    Getting 'fooled' happens to a lot of new IMers - it's normal. Smart people don't let it happen twice. Do forum and google searches - learn to build a good site - learn how to make money online. "Search Engine Optimization" is great - but you need something worth 'optimizing'.
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    rather than trying to build one page website it would be better if you build news / blog website, and try to reach 1000 words. you can start from or reddit
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    Hey guys, thanks a lot for suggestions and feedback!

    I'm thinking about taking following course of action now... I'll team up with some good writer and develop a blog in a niche we like. Multiple pages, hopefully good quality long articles. 1k maybe even 2k+ words each. Than I'll promote it with guest posting etc. Sounds better? Anything I'm missing (in general)? All your help greatly appreciated!
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    If you signup for Google Search Console you can see how many of your pages Google has indexed and you can see what keywords you are getting impressions for and what your average search position is.

    Try writing a post on some topic that is more obscure and you will be more likely to be in the search results.

    Also, you can type in to see which of your pages google has indexed.
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    It is very doable to rank your simple website no.1 for keywords that have no competition.

    Try to run a test by choosing a unique phrase, putting it in the title of the page as well as a description. Use it two or three times in your content. Wait several days and then type in that exact phrase in search engines and your website should come up at the top.

    If this won't rank your website at least on the first page, consider the possibility that your website may have a penalty on it.

    Expiring or expired domains bought at auctions can carry penalties. Even domains that you created yourself have that possibility. How is it possible?

    Let's look at the lifecycle of the domain. After it is created with the help of registrar such as GoDaddy, it is actively used for a time. When an owner stops paying, it is becoming an expiring domain, where it is often sold in an auction. If nobody buys it, it becomes the expired domain. At this stage, it is still available to be bought. If nobody buys it, it is officially deleted and the name becomes available again to be used for a fresh domain name.

    Use a Way Back Machine,, it enables you to look at the entire history of the domain name. Make sure there is nothing in the past that would surprise you.

    Also, there is a simple way that can tell you with a good level of certainty whether any website has a ranking penalty or not.

    Also on a side note, make sure your website looks like you put in some effort into it. What I mean by effort is creating inviting homepage, personal about page and contact page. Designate separate pages for your articles. This way your website will look legit to visitors.

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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    I think that we should wait for a moment, sometime every indexed page need trust to show more in google search engine. It is very good remove all similar page /post or change category. Unique is better than add new irrelevant content
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    When you have your long form content you'll need to start adding backlinks to it. Make sure that they are contextual (surrounded by relevant content).
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    You don't need a wall of text to rank a page in Google SERPs.
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