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So from everything I have been reading here, as well as other places, it seems I would do way better starting a website right off than doing blog posts for individual or top 10 lists.
However, I was hoping to earn enough through selling in a free blog post (like some use to do?) to pay for the hosting/etc for website before I purchased one and started work on it.
Is this a viable, albeit slower, way to start out still? Or will it just make it a lot harder to get ranked up enough to start getting traffic?

Also, when trying to sign up for Amazon affiliate program, it wanted a list of the websites I would be using to send affiliate links from. Do you have to list every site each time you make a new one? Or is this just for initial verification process?

And it had also said in the terms that during initial verification process the website I link to must be a finished website... I can put the articles, etc I write on there, but its hardly finished until I can link to their store. Is this something I need to worry about for approval?

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    It will make it a bit slower to get ranked, yes. But depending on your budget, and it sounds like it may be tight or you are being conservative when you mentioned concern of generating revenue right away to cover hosting, then the answer may be to stick with starting your own.

    No, you do not have to add new sites as you get them, not at least the last time I reviewed the terms. It is just go get you up and going. But as with any TOS, periodically check back with it for changes or updates.

    As for the Amazon affiliate/associate program, it is not a huge concern that the website may be in an unfinished or unpolished state right off the bat, because historically, I do not think Amazon has a history of disapproving affiliates on these grounds. The only big concern would be to make sure it does not contain things they might find their users would think of as taboo or offensive.
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    Awesome, thanks for the reply! Yeah, its not that I can't afford a website right off (I actually have one already that I use to upload test programs for work), I just kind of wanted to make sure I understand every step of process thoroughly and curious to see if it could pay for itself as it goes, rather than throwing a bunch of money at it and hoping something sticks.

    Thanks again!
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