Are You Following Newbies in Guru Clothing?

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It's a violent disease spreading like chlamydia on spring break

Every wanna be guru is reading a cow crap "get rich quick" report then re-writing it in their own words and claiming ex-spurt status.

It makes me sick to the pit of my gut...

But it's not their fault

They are taught to create a make money online product to sell to other people who want to make money online even though neither has ever made any money online other than selling people how to make money online

The industry is full of the blind leading the blind, leading the blind, no wonder 98% of would be marketers have never made a red cent

That's why I only ever seek out those successfully doing what I want to do (6, 7 and 8 figure earners only)

Actually doing what they teach not just teaching about something they have never done and only researched the theory.

Now I am not claiming I am some guru...

God knows I am not (Heck no) I am learning and trying new things every single day like you should be

But what I do have are proven results

Using a system that a 6 figure convicted drug dealer taught me. Well he wasn't a dealer per se he got caught before he got the chance to shift his narcotics

But that's a whole other story for a different time (10 points to who ever can figure out who my mentor was. A great guy with an amazing story)

If you want to know exactly what he taught me, I outlined the whole method for free here on the warrior forum

I hope this little rant put some things into perspective for you and make you think twice before you spend your hard earned cash on another shiny object product.

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