Can a generic landing page be optimized to reach to top of Google's searches?

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Hello everyone,

I have bought into a lead generating system that have landing pages and funnels. The pages are for all members who pay. My question is, I bought what I think is a good domain name. What can I do to try and get this landing page to the top of Google search engines just by the URL name? Also, does submitting url to directories still work?
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    Landing pages aren't really the best for ranking seo wise.
    You really need a larger site than just Lp to optimize for seo.
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    I'm going to concur with what Chris is saying above and add that by their nature, landing pages are designed to be simple and focused. With this being said, it is not common that a landing page has enough valuable content to be considered "high ranking worthy" by the bots. Furthermore, by design, they are made to maintain the end user's focus by not having (or at least -should- not) contain many or any links to follow with related content. With all of this being said, high ranking is very atypical.
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    Hey Eric,
    I have to agree with Chris's and Kent's views.

    The purpose of a Landing Page is more to bring the visitor into the funnel; and less for SEO alone.

    Local SEO LP OPtimization

    1. Optimize Page Title: How? Add the name of your city/state in the title as well as in the H1/H2 of the LP. Also throw in your product keyword here.
    2. CTR from SERPs: How? Make sure the title and meta have the right keywords. No stuffing though!
    3. Name Address Phone hCard/ on LP URL

    The Quality/authority of inbound links and the Page authority of the LP URL are important SEO factors as well.

    Ensure that the content of the LP is written for the user (and not just for search engines). Add social proof and easy-to-understand CTAs in the LP copy.

    Hope that helps!
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