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I have been a member for years and I notice a number of trends that don't really help people. The one I will cover right now is how to find out what you want to know.

This forum has had more than 500,000 members and probably more than a million answers and questions. Instead of asking your questions, use the search function and see if they have already been answered. By doing this, you'll not only find your answer but you'll often see multiple posts giving you more information than you even expected.

If you do have to ask a question, DON'T make it generic. I know I can speak for many of the seasoned veterans here when I say that we're willing to help but often ignore generic questions because it may involve more time than we have to spare.

Please don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with asking questions but if you search to see if answers already exist before asking, that's a point in your favour. If you make the question specific, that's a second point.

Follow these points and you'll get better results faster which means you can do your work quicker. Good luck to all.
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