To niche in one area or many?

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Hi, new here. Been reading around for a while and finally decided to post. I have a question about niching. I run a website development company and thinking niching the company instead of generalizing. Should I niche in one one area, lets say Crossfit? Or in many areas of fitness itself? I know you have to become the industry leader in that area but im not sure if I should niche in one area or a general area such as fitness.
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    What do you feel clearest on MI?

    Go in the area of least doubt. Your success lies there. Then you get practical tips, sound advice, and move into action to niche down. Or not to niche. need to be an industry leader to succeed. Just help people for free and make friends with successes in your niche. Business grows nicely for generous, connected entrepreneurs, sans labels. And yep; people will add the leader label anyway for generous, connected entrepreneurs.
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    Very very good advice, and that's the thing, I feel comfortable with both. I've done web development long enough im confident to do both / even a general company like I am now. But im noticing all of the big guys, big companies out there are either niching are their sales copy is fantastic (Not the typical web development company copy, more hype)

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    I've not run a website development company but I have gone down the targeting multiple niche road before. Trying to fling enough mud at a wall hoping some of it will stick.

    It leads to burnout in my experience.

    CrossFit might be a bit narrow, though. Why not just fitness?
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    If the niches are directly related it could work. If they aren't related it can be more difficult. Give it a try and see how it does.
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  • Most marketers will first narrow down into their niche or sub niche. Once you have established your credibility in your niche, then you broaden your niche to drive new targeted prospects into your sales funnel.
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    You can go for a general niche or you can go for a specific niche. Whatever makes you feel at ease will work. If your time, knowledge and energy can handle a general niche, then go for it. -Micah
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