Newbie starting affiliate marketing - need advise on prioritizing overcoming my weaknesses

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I'm about to embark on a career in affiliate marketing and I have come from a career of computer support and networking, running my own business. Many of the skills from IT and running my own business with marketing and infrastructure I can integrate into my affiliate career. I often called my business not so much "computer repair" but an "exercise in marketing"

I'm the research phase and have a SWOT analysis and realistic expectations that I'm not going to be a rich person with little work. It's going to be a while to build-up my website skills and marketing skills.

My question anyone here is my greatest weaknesses that are stopping me from starting is:
• No experience in writing articles or sales copy
• Learning WordPress to great skill level (total beginner but a fast learner)

I have chosen to learn both of these, but I think I'd rather learn how to become a WordPress Wizz as fast as I can and one of the things is stopping me is filling it with content if I had to write it myself.
Do any of you have knowledge of the right affiliate programs that offer content pre-written by the actual creators of the product so I can concentrate on WordPress design skills and use that content they've got to fill in pages and pages of content so I've no worries about not having enough content to create a good site.
Of course, when I actually get sites up ill learn even more things. But the content is going hamper my starting. I feel my sales copy will not be quality and I don't want to be spammy.

My niches are just tech reviews (but my lack of sales copy skills is stopping me from pursuing it), and I'd like to start just creating reviews on books on "wealth, health and wisdom niches". I know they are highly competitive but this not a problem. I just want to get the WordPress skills up to scratch so I am confident that my website abilities become second nature and aren't stopping me from eventually learn my own high-quality sales copy.
I saw a site JVZoo but those landing pages I saw look kind of spammy... I'm wondering if I can take it all and condense it to be less spammy looking.

Finally, I ran this post through MS word spell check and then Grammarly. Did I write my post in an easy to understand way? Were my requests for info easy to comprehend?
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    Recommendation: Don't do it all yourself. It's great you want to learn but focus on what your strengths are. If you create awesome content, spend your time doing that. Sell that. Tons of people make money on Fivver for example just writing content. The affiliate marketers I partner with are successful (millions in profit per year) because they know what they can and can't do. They don't waste time trying to build sites or design graphics. They leave that to independent contractors like myself to set that up for the.They spend time creating deals and opportunities.

    Think of it like this. You walk into to 2 houses. One house, hired a professional contractor to remodel their kitchen and bathroom and it looks like it should be on the front page of HGTV. The other house, attempted the same look and feel but decided to go the DIY route. It looks like pintrest just puked in their kitchen. Which house gained more equity?

    Pick your battles is all I'm suggesting.
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    Most affiliate programs will only provide you free content if you're already a big player.

    If you have the resources, you could hire a content writer to handle that for you. Or maybe you could trade WordPress work for writing work (that could be hard to find the right trading partner for).
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  • Have you checked out Clickbank or JVZoo?

    They have tons of products and most of them have promotional tools from the vendors. Also, vendors have affiliate websites that also have promotional tools so you don't have to write the copy.
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  • Originally Posted by stuffz2018 View Post

    My question anyone here is my greatest weaknesses that are stopping me from starting is:
    • No experience in writing articles or sales copy
    You can watch YouTube videos that shows you how to write your articles the right way.

    Most product creators/vendors that are looking for affiliates to market their products, will usually provide their affiliates with marketing tools like, email followup sequence, blog posts, articles, banner ads and social media marketing materials. So you just copy and paste what they offer you and you will have a "ready made/done for you" affiliate marketing system.

    Originally Posted by stuffz2018 View Post

    • Learning WordPress to great skill level (total beginner but a fast learner)
    Start with a free WordPress blog platform. You can learn website development skills by creating pre-sell pages on a free blog platform. You can google "free website building tools".

    Like what others have suggested to you, is that you can pay someone to build your website for you.

    But you can learn to do everything yourself. Just use the search function on this forum and search for " article marketing " threads and "how to build a website" threads.
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    I set out on a similar journey several years ago.

    Fast forward and I'm great at WordPress ( I always kind of wanted to be)

    and I'm not too bad of a writer.

    But here's the thing: I got good at WordPress and it didn't really get me anywhere. I've built websites for people and have a small web agency - but that was never what I set out to do, it just was a way to earn some extra $$.

    Learning how to write sales copy, on the other hand, made a substantially bigger difference in my online marketing career.

    When you can write even mediocre copy, you can start selling whatever you want.

    My humble opinion is that you would be better served by focusing on writing sales copy.

    The tech stuff like WordPress is just a rabbit hole that can waste a lot of time and money.

    You don't have to be a 'good' writer to start making posts on a site like Medium. The content has to be original - so you can't just copy and paste articles from affiliate programs.

    Or Facebook - there's another place where you can just start a page and start writing posts every day. Totally Free. no tech stuff. And you can promote affiliate links too.

    Anyway, good luck!
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    It is a good idea to register for some affiliate coaching, where you can get help on Wordpress as well as sales copy.
    For Most of the products, you might get sales copy and email swipes for free or for some small amount of fees.
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