What is the best site for buying domain for promoting dating offers ?

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Any recommendations...
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    Namecheap is good. Many people use GoDaddy.

    All of them are about the same. Just make a decision and go with it. You can always change at renewal time.

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    with a Facebook EG: Start doing searches on Facebook for dating, how to get a date, online dating etc. Join several dating groups.Start noticing what ads Facebook starts displaying to you. Click through them and see what the competition is doing,


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    I agree with Mark.

    I personally use Godaddy but, as Mark says, they're all about the same.

    What you can try and do, Viktor, is have a look on NamePros.com for a thread about Godaddy coupons.

    (Throw a search into Google for it.)

    You may be able to get your domain for a buck at Godaddy with a discount code.



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    I personally prefer Namecheap as you get a free whois guard which you don't get with Go Daddy, also the check out is quicker and smoother.

    You may also wish to consider buying an expired domain at expireddomains.net.
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    Dave D - smart guy - brings up another good option, Viktor.

    Expired domains. I'm personally a VERY BIG FAN.

    These are especially good for dating, and you don't have to necessarily pay anything more than a reg fee.

    Take a look at my thread over here about Dead Domains.

    I go into details there about how you can get traffic from expired and deleted domains, and I'll be adding more updates (lots).



    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Hi Viktor!

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned, is check out the TOS and make darned sure the domain (dating site) you plan on marketing isn't something that is forbidden.

    Buying the domain, registering it, shouldn't matter, but what I said above, will and does apply to your hosting company. (Some of them).

    Namecheap is great for discounts, and their customer service is awesome. You do have to online chat, but their response time, so far, has been impressive.

    I use GoDaddy as well, I don't have any complaints other than the obvious upsale throttle.

    Are you going this alone, or using a white label company?

    ~ Theresa

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    Namecheap is the best in my opinion.
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    I buy the majority of my domains from GoDaddy and take advantage of their $0.99 domains.
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