strictly youtube for affiliate marketing?

by dj2590
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i'm thinking about using youtube to strictly drive traffic to my review videos. Does this method still work? and is there anybody on here that uses youtube as their main traffic source?
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    To build more traffic on your YouTube video, You can embed it on your website, Publish your YouTube video on different video hosting sites.
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    It still works. Even with direct link. No website, no list, no ads, etc. Just do pure simple YT video telling people to go to your offer directly. Nice.

    PS: Of course you can do more if you want more profit!

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    i'm thinking about using youtube to strictly drive traffic to my review videos. Does this method still work? and is there anybody on here that uses youtube as their main traffic source?
    It will be better to send the viewers of your videos to your opt in form for more detailed information in exchange for their best email address. That way you keep a record of how effective your video is, and you can do follow up marketing with your email marketing sequence.

    Your aim should be to building a life long relationship with your viewers. Help them solve their problems, and they will buy from you repeatedly.

    But yes you can create youtube videos and send your viewers directly to your affiliate link, and they will end up on the product owners email list instead.

    The choice is yours
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    It can still work, but you're better off if you do more such as having a website, collecting emails, etc.
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    You can do that, but if you have a long term plan .... u shud atleast have a domain or blog. When you send them directly to an offer, you are loosing ur ability to build trust & connect with them later.
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    Yes, and yes. Doing reviews and uploading to youtube will always work. As long as you provide detailed information and provide value. As for doing youtube marketing myself, I've been doing it for awhile now.

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    Reviews work, but why limit yourself strictly to YouTube. Why not build a list and following, website, and start building a personal brand for yourself?

    What you are seeking to do is just a tactic, but it should play into a much bigger plan. Just my honest thoughts.
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    Again, I wouldn't limit myself to just one area...I would incorporate both strategies (and more) into my campaign. Trying a multi faceted approach would appear to be the most effective strat.
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    Of course NEVER cold selling

    Use YouTube like the others media, to drive traffic to your opt in pages
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    Yup, I am doing affiliate marketing with YouTube with paid ads and it converts at an amazing rate.
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    Yes, it still working, just depends on you, how you will use this "tool"
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  • Absolutely.

    You need to be very consistent with posting videos. If you are going to be strictly a review channel than I would lean on posting minimum of two reviews a week.

    if you can figure out a way to collect email addresses from your viewers than you can be mush more profitable.

    Having an email list will always end up being the goal, regardless of what you think you want your business to be.
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    There are many people making money with this way. However, you should consider the risk that YouTube changes its rules one day and prohibits your strategy.

    Imagine you are working every day to get traffic to your YouTube channel. After some time you achieve good profits ...and YouTube will change the rules and you will need to start a new strategy from zero.

    How can you prevent this possible problem? Register your own domain, upload your videos to YouTube, insert the videos to your website and drive traffic to the website. Even if YouTube would ban your channel, you could upload them to another video sharing platform and use them on your website the same way.

    The most important thing is that if you create a stable source of traffic to your website, you will not lose this traffic (and your profits) even if YouTube ceases to exist.
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