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well, first off i am a newbie, i have read the instructions and watched the MBtv as well but i have a problem figuring out whether the tracking code is the same as afiliate link here, when a click on 'get tracking code" i get the code using the contextual selection but when i hyperlink on a post for my blog and Facebook i t doesn't show anything. my AM doesn't seem to understand my question or something because he simply says he doesn't know about website. And what does it mean to " copy to your html" the link is in html format how do you use it even when you post it on a browser it redirects you to Google or Bing!!! plus my AM said i shouldn't use link shorteners how do you guys then posts these long tracking codes on Twitter for example?
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    Jump on a Skype call with your AM and screen share that way he will be able to fully understand your issue. It's important that you learn how to do this yourself instead of us giving you a quick tactic because tracking is the most important part of CPA and affiliate marketing. I went through the same thing when I started years ago. It is important that you learn this in depth on your own.
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      Thanks Driprevenue..problem is since i started my AM replies my mail occasionally and doesn't respond to my skype i guess i got unlucky on that part. i appreciate your input nontheless
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    Stay away from link shorteners! If anything get your own domain and do your own redirects.

    On Facebook some of the maxbounty (and other affiliate network) links are blocked.
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    Thanks ChrisBa
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