The Easiest Way to Make Money Online which NEVER EXPIRE

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Email Marketing

Yes, of course when the aliens will land on earth, we won't use the mail anymore...

BUT today is still working


You Essentially need to Master building your list, acquiring traffic and converting leads into sales

Today I wanna share with you 2 types of traffic, free and paid


No, not Seo. USE Instagram instead
Choose a nickname according to the niche you choose, as an example 'WeightLoss4Mums'

Write a bio with a link in the opt in page

Then Which post you have to upload?

Go to explore page, you will find it clicking in the lens of the app: there you will find the images Wich are trending

They mostly not are copyrighted.

U need an app cold Repost, copy the url of the images with big likes, then repost them after one or two days

You will put 20-25 Hashtags, not more

You will gain traffic to your opt in page at every post, more or less

Then choose an autoresponder, not a free one, and nurture your leads with content and ENGAGEMENT

you need more engagement then information. Nowadays people are in information overload, so you need to entertain themg


Go to Solo ads: go to Classified Ads of warrior Forum and search of solo ad seller, choose the best reviewed ones
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