Putting a Proven Product in the Self-Help Niche on WarriorPlus...Waste of Time?

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I have a course in the self-help nice that has done very well on Udemy with over 100 reviews and holding a 4.6 rating with over 2,000 students. I'm tired of the Udemy platform and want to spruce up the product and make it even better, so I can put it on WarriorPlus.

I had planned on giving 100% of the profits for the front end offer (the course I had on Udemy) to affiliates, and then 50% of the profits and OTO that deals with self-confidence.

My concern is that I could make a killer sales page, video, launch page, etc...but still not get the attention of any affiliates because it isn't in the MMO niche. Is this true? I've been trying to research the marketplace on Warrior Plus and I don't really see any self-help products. Am I just not looking in the right place?

Thanks in advance!
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