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I live in Canada B.C. and work a retail job. I want to change my financial situation but I am uncertain of what I should do first. I tried to see how to pay taxes but I understand it's once a year? Do i still have do pay ppi?Is there away to keep track of your money coming in yourself? And do I need a business licence for this. I can't find any information at all on this topic really need some advice. Can you guide me through the steps please. Thank you in advance.
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    Already I am doing affiliate marketing.
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      Originally Posted by bestwebsolca View Post

      Already I am doing affiliate marketing.
      Can you please guide to me for starting my affiliate marketing.?
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    Hi Natasa,

    Before focusing on these logistics - this is a few steps in - ask yourself these questions:

    1 - Do I feel incredibly passionate about affiliate marketing or do I mainly want to make money through affiliate marketing? If you feel passionate, you'll succeed because you'll build a business patiently for the right reasons.

    2 - Am I willing to devote the next 1-3 years of my life learning AF, practicing, developing skills, creating and connecting with pros? If you answer yes, then you're in it for the long haul.

    Consult an accountant for Canada's tax laws.

    I just tabulate sales through Paypal and my bank account but affiliate sites track and record so you can see sales thru wherever you'd be selling products and services.

    Really though; give like .00001% to these questions and all of your attention and energy to the 2 I shared. Better to be in it for the right reasons because you'll not be wasting your time.

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    I can't find any information at all on this topic really need some advice.
    Hard to believe. A friend moved to B.C. 4 months ago and we got online and looked up tax info and residency info - very easy to find those details. A business license is based on local requirements. Tracking your income and expenses is basic accounting and there are many programs for that.

    None of your questions match the title - 'affiliate marketing'. Use the search function on this forum to find threads and posts about how to start affiliate marketing. There is quite a bit of 'stuff' to learn and to do... between "want to start" and 'money coming in'.

    Settle in and start reading and learning - and doing.
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    I agree with Ryan. Before you engage in something like affiliate marketing, evaluate yourself, first, one whether you'll find yourself comfortable with what you're about to do and that you're really into it. You might be goal-driven now, but if you don't have enough passion to do it, you can find yourself lost and lazy again in a few months. -Micah
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    I'd be more worried about making money first then you can pay the taxes and worry about those other things.
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    well i have spoken to other affiliate's and I am very interested in this. This is why I've finally decided to find out what I need to do. I e-mailed a couple places for advice now i'm just waiting to hear from them so I can start. Thank you all for your information.
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    It is important to get up and running first. When money is coming in, then you can start worrying about taxes. The difficult thing is to find a legitimate affiliate marketing program. There are so many options (and scams too unfortunately).
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    Perfect affiliate marketing is not so easy. I am trying to start.
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    If you wanne start with affiliate marketing with no or little budget, think about the niche you are passionate about.

    Start a blog and write about the topic you know and you are passionate about.

    Make FB page, youtube channel, twitter page . . . . and post regularly.
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    affiliate marketing is bit hard. you have to make content that people come to you for watching. and for that you need great content. some strong profile. and you have to spread your content where people will love to see your video (Don't spam please.).
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    You definitely have to pay taxes for any income, but please consider a local tax expert for detailed help on this regard. Good luck for your future endeavours!
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    For accounting just keep an excel spreadsheet. Every time you buy something, mark it under expenses. Every time you get a cheque, deposit, etc...mark it under revenue. This is very basic book keeping. At the end of the year take your total revenue and subtract the expenses, and that is your net income. Hopefully it is not negative!
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    It might depend on each region though, one thing I can sure tell is I have never seen any countries or states that require "Business License" to an affiliate marketer. This is more like a freelance job and you would pay according to the rule over there. You will be also guided by the Affiliate Team of what you work with about this tax matter, they usually require you to submit some paper work(tax form) before withdrawing your fund from it for most of time.
    You can pay tax as it instructs.

    By the way, if you're a beginner in affiliate marketing, this might be a little helpful(hopefully) for you to decide which affiliate network you would start off with.
    SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Offshore Digital Agency
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    1. find a good converting offer

    2. add fb people in your market

    3. promote via fb live and offer bonus

    4. make money

    thats all you need to do to start getting payments.

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    I can recommend two YouTube channels that might give you more ideas on this. Try checking out Niel Patel and minority mindset. They teach some solid stuff. Best of luck!

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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  • Do you want to know how to do affiliate marketing, or do your want to know in which entity to file your tax returns?
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