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I'm still very new here, so please pardon my ignorance. How viable is article writing as a source of income? I have been a writer for quite some time now. I have made some money but not much. What I would like to know is:
-What does it take to break even?
-Are there still clients who can work with writers on long term projects(12 months+)
As I said, I'm new here so I don't know much.
Please note too that I had taken a 2 year sabbatical, so I don't know if much has changed.
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    Yes, you can solely survive from article writing services. However, you should avoid the content mills. In addition, you can get long term clients.
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    Do you mean writing articles for others? If so, you could make some money but you're not going to get rich imo.
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    You can. I do. But it's a lot of work.

    Find places like: https://problogger.com/jobs/ to search for jobs.

    Some blog owners want consistent posts so those jobs can last a long time. The same thing with website owners who want their sites continually updated. Most of those jobs will be ghostwriting as opposed to writing for a byline.

    I specialize in ebooks now so those projects last longer and pay more.

    You can run an ad here in the Warriors for Hire section of the forum and post a link in your sig. But avoid the low paying clients because they are usually the biggest pain in the a**.

    Copywriting is a more lucrative form of writing that you might want to look into.

    Another option is writing for yourself by starting your own blog or publishing to Kindle. Both can be started at a low cost but will take awhile to make money.

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