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I bought an e-mail list of 15,000 interested in making money online, the list doesn't know me , how best can I proceed to warm them up and get to know me and send them I'M offers, please advise..
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    I would create an opt-in page and offer a FREE money making eBook or report you wrote or something that targets your list and this way you are building a legit list of people interested in you emailing them, or you could just skip the opt-in page and just send them a link to a FREE product you created and have links inside that product to hopefully convert to some sales.

    I hope this helps and I wish you much success!

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  • Is it a buyers list in the make money online niche, or is it just a list of emails addresses of freebie seekers?

    Test your list, warm them up with good free content of making money online. Ask them in which areas they need most help in, and create an information product related to solving their problem in the make money online niche.

    There are many ways to make money online. You can research three to five different methods of making money online. Invest in some online courses and test the information yourself. Which ever methods work best for you, share that with your list in the form of a paid product. Video/eBook/paperback book/Audio.

    For the sake of not having to repeat myself, you can read and apply the information in this ===>> product creation thread <<===

    Then join some reputable affiliate programs that offer commission monthly residual income. Like membership programs, inner circles, 24 to 48 month mentorship programs and other similar types of income structures that has continuity built into them like renewing hosting.

    The sky is the limit. So test your list first with a low hanging fruit offer, ranging from $1 to $10 so you can begin to create your buyers list
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    Originally Posted by 55sadhikar View Post

    I bought an e-mail list of 15,000 interested in making money online, the list doesn't know me , how best can I proceed to warm them up and get to know me and send them I'M offers, please advise..
    I wouldn't even use this bought list.
    Build your own.
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    That's a common question, those who know what they're doing will tell you to toss it.
    Bought lists are generally useless....
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    LOL. You should think about how to make money from the list before buying the list.
    I am not sure if it will work. But I think you can try to convert 15000 emails into Facebook/Linkedin accounts - many people use their main email address for Facebook/Linkedin registration. Once you can get list of Facebook/Linkedin account, we can connect with them, and perhaps marketing to them directly via messenger and Linkedin message to introduce yourself to "warm them up".
    From that, you can send them bulk email with your offer.
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    Hmmmmm, if you are going into the so called spamming method, first at least clean your list first, otherwise, your email won't even get into their inbox.
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    Yes you need a clean list without spamtraps emails (and so on...)

    create a facebook group (or similar channels) and start to create a big relationship with your subscribers, use quality content only ;-)
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    It's a clean list; they are interested in making money online; all are from us. They are not buyers. Is there a thing like regarding with e-mail list and advertise offers? Is it cheaper? I think facebook has that feature but if you can't prove that the list knows you facebook can ban you.
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    start with FREE offers then slowly get to know them
    Free Autoresponeder Email : >>>
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    Hi 55s,

    Give 99% of your energy to helping them solve their problems and ask for nothing (aka focus not on getting) in return.

    This warms humans up really fast because it is so rare.

    Then, spend 1% of your energy on getting by linking to premium offerings in your footer.

    Be patient, persistent, generous and detached.

    Also, realize this: you connected with potentially interested human beings, not numbers. Big difference. REALLY big difference. Helping humans is fun and makes you successful.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • I agreed to ChrisBa you should build your own list. That way you have no difficulty in promoting something to them.
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    Just follow these steps for good results with your new list:

    1. Identify their interests and problems by sending them an Email with different categories in your niche. (You will get an idea from click threw report)
    2. Produce content in same niche or gather it at one place if you already have it.
    3. Your content should be very niche specific and it should be helpful for your list. It should also solve their problems.
    4. Send content pieces in 7 Days Email Series. It will build some relationship with your list.
    5. Now you can offer them your products. So start sending your offers to your list and mix it with your content well.
    6. You should use separate opt in pages for your different offers so you can target them with different email sequence in future.

    I think this will help you.
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    Originally Posted by 55sadhikar View Post

    I bought an e-mail list of 15,000 interested in making money online, the list doesn't know me , how best can I proceed to warm them up and get to know me and send them I'M offers, please advise..
    you can create an audience on facebook with that emails, probably a % of that emails use facebook, you can add them as friend or create some ads...

    [URL=""]Launch A New Product In 10 Days or Less - I will do Everything for you![/URL]

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    You can start slow, introduce yourself and provide value, start to build a relationship with them..that's the way to go if you want to be successful on the long term..You can build a facebook page and create a custom audience using that list and promote products but this is not the best way to start..

    Also if they don't know you and you start promoting stuff all of a sudden you'll have low conversions and open rates, and some of them will mark your emails as be aware of all these
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    You'll definitely want to utilize an email sending platform that allows sending to purchased email lists. Otherwise, you could end up blocked or blacklisted.

    A quick Google search for an email service that allows purchased lists will provide you with some options.
    B2B lead generation solutions for accelerated sales or marketing growth.
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    I agree with a couple of the people who have already responded. Using this list could lead to troubles as Katie mentioned. You could get blacklisted quite easily. Use a service who allows for use of purchased lists. Then when you do, as someone mentioned above, warm them up by offering some really good value in the related niche that they can consume without spending money initially to test their interest levels, ensure they are still actually into it. Keep a close eye on their open rates, etc. With all of this it may prove still to not be worth the time and effort, testing will answer that. If it were me, personally, I would have never bought the list and just created your own. But if you are new to the game and are not familiar with that process so much, then sure go ahead and test and you may be able to get something to work.
    Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.
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    Or get them interested within your social media campaign. Tonnes of juicy ways out there.


    - Sana.

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    Originally Posted by 55sadhikar View Post

    It's a clean list; they are interested in making money online; all are from us. They are not buyers. Is there a thing like regarding with e-mail list and advertise offers? Is it cheaper? I think Facebook has that feature but if you can't prove that the list knows you Facebook can ban you.
    You probably should not have bought a list if you don't know how to monetize it.

    Firstly how are you going to send those emails? Does the mail service you use even allow importing of lists?

    Sure you can try and use a self hosted solution but if that is simply to get around the rules and best practices then it's probably a bad path anyway.

    It's unlikely to be a completely clean list no matter what the seller told you. The seller isn't the one that will reap the grief . That would be you. You should clean the list before you do anything with it. Any service that allows import will at least partially test your list before importing. So no point in just telling them it is clean.

    You already believe Facebook will ban you if you use a list you have no relationship with so it's reasonable to assume that many other mainstream services would also do the same.

    There are just so many issues with a purchased email list that it seems more trouble than it is worth - unless you are experienced in that arena.
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    Just curious, when you purchased this list how sure were you that you got an 'authentic' list ? I mean they could be fake email addresses for all you know. I've come across a few such offers on Fiverr etc but never quite bought the pitch.

    Thanks for enlightening me.
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    Some thoughtful hacker, who somehow managed to get into my
    blog directory, was able to put in a program that sent me email
    addresses to my inbox. I had accumulated over a thousand
    of these addresses.

    It was made to look as if they had gone through my opt-in, but
    nothing was registered in my email service logs.

    When I checked the addresses, most of
    them were actually valid.

    None of these people knew who I was, and they did not
    opt into anything that I had. I considered that using these
    addresses would be a very poor practice, and would just
    be a form of spamming. Not to mention that if some of
    these folks was to report the email as spam, there could
    be other consequences.

    Also, I would be risking a bunch of un-targeted emails
    for the possibility of getting penalized, or banned with
    my email service.

    You may, or may not, have a targeted list, even if you
    ordered it as a targeted list.

    You would be wise to weigh your options.

    A "Quick List" would be nice, but a real list of
    potential buyers, targeted, and willing to see what
    you have to offer them, will take some time and effort.

    It is the time and effort that most people are
    unable to, or unwilling to handle.
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    My friend, buying a list is desperation. They almost never work because whatever you can do to monetize it whomever sold it to you could do the same, so why sell it? Making money online is not that hard. What just about every beginner needs is a system to follow to maximize your efforts. I hope this helps and don't give up!

    Welcome, I hope what I posted up there helped you. Good to chat with warrior legends, rising stars and forum newbies. Tom

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    Hmm maybe you would be interested in using this tool:

    I just tried putting in 100 with their free trial and 87 of my emails were clean (all Gmails were clean btw)
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