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Hi experts,

I m new in SEO and want to know the important SEO 2018 off page activities?

Need help
#2018 #seo
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  • easily rank your web?
    do backlink in related blog and forum.
    write people awareness keyword
    do market analytics
    use seo friendly title.
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    SEO is very important to rank in serps(search engine result pages). SEO contains two types on page/OFF page. If i talk in layman language SEO is about getting a website to the top of search engines like Google so that it get more visitors and more money. More you will research more you will learn. On the other side there are some OFF page tactics or activities to increase visitors :-
    1. Guest Posting(It is very effective method to promote your brand/website/company)
    2. Forum posting( Join forum posting sites and start discussing about your niche topics)
    3. Blog Submission( Submit blog to high quality sites like medium, yourstory etc.)
    Hope this will help you.
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    In 2018 some methods are very effective, these are:
    -Guest posting
    -Do reddit
    -Question answer section like quora, yahoo answer
    -Sometimes email marketing also works nice
    -Infographic submission
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    Actively in linkbuilding by finding linkreators and outreaching. This is the way to build backlinks and drive more traffic and promote your brand.
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    Thanks for the reply all the people.
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    In SEO there is somethings that matters how you want to promote your website ,
    Do Bookmarking on high PR website,
    Use Reddit and also can use blackhat for instant Boom but i prefer whitehat that give you real hike.
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    seo is all about promoting a website with quality and using proper bookmarking and directory submission for it
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    Hi Nortus Fitness,

    As far as offsite goes, guest posting is a powerful tool for building up your SEO game.

    But not guest posting for building link juice; I see hundreds of these folks coming in cold trying to get featured on my blog. I ignore all such emails because these bloggers are only interested in getting links from my blog and have no interest in me as a human being.

    I'd do this buddy:

    - write 1000 words daily in a Word document and trash it to improve your writing skills
    - promote top bloggers in your niche
    - comment genuinely on top blogs from your niche
    - publish content regularly to your blog

    Follow these steps for months. Bonds form. Some blogging buddies will invite you to guest post on their blogs.

    After landing these guesties you will slowly and steadily see improved ranking on Google.

    Takes time but well worth the effort for an incredibly powerful offsite SEO technique.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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    if you want to increase business traffic then do:-
    Blog post
    Forum post
    Social media
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    Ther are many activities but it won't suggest doing in 2018.

    I would suggest going with content marketing and it is one of the best ways to generate the backlinks.

    First of all, you can find out your competitor backlinks and try to get all those backlinks and make sure you do what works in 2018.

    1. Blog post
    2. Guest Post.
    3. Q / A
    4.Form posting

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    I am new to SEO as well. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will try to apply those on my website.
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    I hope most of the nonsense being posted here is for the sake of spam because it sure as hell isn't SEO.

    1. Blog commenting
    2. Forums posting
    3. Directory submission
    4. Article submission
    5. PDF sharing
    6. Q/A site links
    7. Web 2.0
    Competition has already won without lifting a finger.
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    1. Infographics
    2. PBN
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    The OP hasn't returned to this thread since April 2nd. Plenty of SEO advice in the SEO section:

    TOP TIP: To browse the forum like a Pro, select "View Classic" from the drop-down menu under your user name.

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