What is your feeling when you first got your Sale online?

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I remember the day when I finally made $24.80 I was so happy and I keep smiling.

Even if its small compare with the others the joy inside me did not leave me. After months of struggling how to crack the code and then I finally made it, WOW! Tears nearly drop in my eyes but I resist because I knew this was only the beginning.

And that day I made a motto "If I can make $20, then I can make even more!"

May I know your story? What is your feeling when you hit your first sale?
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    I make my first $28 back then, after few trials and errors building my online store. I am feeling really motivated that time to do more and more each day. Hope that everyone can be motivated after their first sale.
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    It was so long ago I can't even remember, probably 1997 or so. I'm sure I was excited at the time though. I believe I was promoting a casino offer on a website that was ranking #1 for some search term on Yahoo.
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  • It was nice to remember the day you finally won. Then keep going and the floodgates of blessings is keep coming to you.
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    It was a long ago when Corey Rudl was a leading internet marketer
    before his tragic early death in a car racing accident.

    He had a top selling course on how to start an online business
    and I sold one for about $60 commission as far as I recall.

    Naturally I was happy to make the sale.
    It proved to me that this online marketing could work if you had
    a good product to promote and you had the right targeted traffic.

    It also showed some of my critics in my family circle that this
    "internet stuff works" if done correctly !
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  • Profile picture of the author Rizwan Naseer
    Struggling but still not hit any sale, by the way feeling very happy and conscious for your success and vision to have more achievements.
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    it was a great feeling.. my first sale was $1 but wow i was really happy

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  • Back in 2007, I made my first sales online. I was promoting a $197 coaching program with only a highly ranked presell page.

    It worked like a charm back then, because the sales just kept rolling into my PayPal account.

    Nothing beats the feeling of opening your email in the morning, and seeing that you have just made about 20 to 30 product sales overnight while you were sleeping.
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    It's like Christmas every day!
    Gone Fishin'...
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    My 1st sale was for a silver plated necklace I designed on Zazzle back in 2012.Made a commission of $2.55.It felt really great,exciting.Then I started to get other sales.It still feels good but I take it for granted a bit now.Everything is set on auto with no further work from me.
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  • Do you believe luck is one of the reason of our successes? For me IDK, I just keep doing what my intuition told me to do. Lucky or not just keep going....
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      Originally Posted by Christler Pascual View Post

      Do you believe luck is one of the reason of our successes? For me IDK, I just keep doing what my intuition told me to do. Lucky or not just keep going....
      I don´t think it is luck. You are just doing the right things, working towards a goal. Eventually, when enough people see your offer, you make money online.
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    Do you believe luck is one of the reason of our successes?
    Not mine.

    It's a lot of research, hard work and investment.
    Gone Fishin'...
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    Hi Christler,

    I was pretty happy bro.

    I am still happy and grateful now when I make any sale. Feels good.

    Being grateful for all things - even those feeling routine or normal - is a secret to happiness and greater worldly success.

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    I remember the first day I made some money online. It was a course I was following about promoting Peerfly email zips on 7search.

    Although I never got profitable, it was great just to see my account saying you've got a conversion. I think from that moment I was hooked and never looked back.
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    Happy! And more... when the company send me an iPad as a gift for being number 1 in their affiliate program at that time. But... what made me more happy was the truth that I did it on my own way and didn't listen to any crap affiliate secret that told by most product sold here. I did it with no list... until today. LOL.
    Oh... BTW... I believe in smart luck... The more you do it smartly, the lucky things will soon happen to you! GBU all.

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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    So happy feeling. I felt happy and more than that, I felt motivated with all effort I put in it.
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    My first job was into customer service, but we do sell value added services. My first sale got me into a panic. In wanting to close the deal I was stuttering, sweating and trembling. Hey it was my first sale, but it all went good

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    It was back in 2010, I made my first dollar online through Adsense. And believe me it was an awesome feeling. I got disapproved at Adsense thrice before this but I didn't stop trying. Initially it took me a month or so to make 2 digit income from Adsense, and now I make 3 digits everyday.

    Advice to newbies- Don't lose patience! Any online earning opportunity will test your patience before rewarding you. Always remember that Content is a the King! You can make a million figure if you know how to craft your ideas into words.
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    Released my first software download product in 2002. I sold one 2 weeks later.

    I went on to make $100,000 from that idea.

    I've now made a new product and I still get really happy when that sale email appears in my inbox.
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    I remember my first pitch to someone that didn't even result in a sale. Voice started getting shaky over the phone haha now it's nothing.
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  • My first was a 5% commission on a book.. It was like 0.58 cents... which is nothing..
    But it did make me realize that money CAN be made without travelling to an office to work for some other guy... I felt what it was like to NOT have a boss... Of course i couldnt quit my job there and then.. but it gave me the motivation to keep pushing.. and I could see the end game... That being able to quit my day job...
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    I was over the moon! That was the day I realized I could do it for a living, not simply out of interest.
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  • Profile picture of the author linaO
    First sale... a high fashion model who did work for Victoria Secret, Vogue, etc found me on none other than: CRAIGSLIST. $1250 was my initial charge and final billings was at $7k, if I remember, for 2-3 weeks of work.

    Needless to say, I was in HEAVEN!
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    Haha. what a nice feeling. It feel really amazing that some one has purchased our product. I really feels excellent, Hope i have more sale in future.
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  • I believe you'll have more sales in the future RjMaan
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    I hadn't been at it very long when my first notification came in for about $18.

    I stared at the email on my phone for a few minutes before understanding what it was telling me: that my content and engagement strategy was paying off.

    And then I was excited. I had helped someone.
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    It made me believe that "making money online" actually works.
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    Lol, I remember my first few sales years ago.

    I didn't believe it until the money was in my bank account and then I drove to the ATM and had the cash in hand.

    Then I was like... DAYUM!

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    It was just a few short months ago we got the email, Amazon had TOSsed us.

    My wife, who does all the work started bawling since it looked like just another failure.
    I was jumping for joy because it meant we had finally done something that the entire process worked....and our website content just needed to be improved.

    Fixed the site, re-applied for Amazon, got another email saying Approved, and now April 2018 we finally received our first deposit!
    Yup, I remember like it was just this month!
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  • Very inspiring stories. Thank you very much for sharing guys!
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