Need direction...totally Clueless

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Hi my able warriors,
I had always wanted to get something started saved up a little money and got a site... It was supposed to be a health information site and health shop...
Fast forward till totally clueless about what to do. Its contents are derived from wp automatic providing health news on some topics but I need a more specific niche in this health field ....I don't know I need idea..
Have been searching for affiliate health products to market in the shop but haven't been successfull ....I need other monetization means...and maybe to change the total layout of the site and start afresh ....or something else. Pls members your ideas will be greatly appreciated.....
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    Hi Presci,

    Do you feel super duper passionate about the health services niche?

    If so, awesome.

    But if not, you naturally run into problem after problem; this always happens to folks who chase profits over passion....problems rule their lives, while your passion pulls ya through problems, when you genuinely love what you do.

    If you love this niche, begin publishing your own content. People trust value providers. Auto posting stuff is not valuable because billions of humans can do that. But only a few learn their craft and share of their knowledge. These folks become leaders in their niche.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Who's your target market? What problem are you solving for them?

    You're missing Traffic AND Conversion.

    My advice is to get Tom Addams' Month One WSO.

    And read this.
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    you need to love what you are going to offer, because time is gold

    [URL=""]Launch A New Product In 10 Days or Less - I will do Everything for you![/URL]

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    this always happens to folks who chase profits over passion....problems rule their lives
    Not true at all.

    I need a more specific niche in this health field
    This is right on. You need to specialize.

    Ignore the
    super duper passionate

    Emotions and business don't mix. You need to be objective and focused.
    Gone Fishin'...
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      Originally Posted by IGotMine View Post

      Not true at all.

      This is right on. You need to specialize.

      Ignore the

      Emotions and business don't mix. You need to be objective and focused.
      Thanks a lot
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    There really is no secret formula for success. You need to spend at least one year creating a history online by consistently contributing content to a blog, social media, or something about a particular subject (preferably an area of knowledge you have that you're passionate about). Once you have this established you can start monetizing things. But until then, I am sorry to say you may just be spinning your wheels. Now, that's if you are looking into affiliate marketing. If you are meaning e-commerce, or dropshipping, most of that can be avoided and you can go straight into a PPC model.
    Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.
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      Thanks a lot..really appreciate. Pls can u give a list example of these PPCs?
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        Originally Posted by Presci247 View Post

        Thanks a lot..really appreciate. Pls can u give a list example of these PPCs?
        PPC's is pay per clicks - In Kens example that would mean using google adwords, facebook ads or Bingads. Writing a decent ad and sending paid traffic to your site thru the ad. Where hopefully they will buy.

        Reading your posts and seeing your are struggling visit the Learn section in the forum and start reading there. Get familiar with the subsections in the forum and view the beginners section to answer some general questions. Step back from your site why you do this, than deiced if you want to continue with the niche or pick another niche. One final thing stay out of the WSO' section till you really need a tool once your site is done. If not you will throw money out the window.
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    If your site has some traffic you can try to monetize it joining some display networks like revcontent, adsense, Mgid, taboola and get some passive income..

    If your site has little traffic then it's a different story, you need to make a decision in what direction you want to go with this.

    1. If you like to write and are interested in a certain segment of health then you can review products (physical or informational), create informational content, create an asset in other words and later you can monetize it in many different ways.

    And it's very important if you are not passionate about this topic at least to have the desire to learn or otherwise it's gonna be tough to motivate yourself and provide great value for your customers.

    2. If you don't like to write and you hate creating content then you still can do well in internet marketing but in other areas like: native ads, e-commerce, video creation, etc

    Anyway make sure you understand very well each area you choose and what you need before committing to it. For example, building a blog/review site is not expensive but it takes time and dedication, on the other side building a sales funnel with native ads takes some money to spend (you need some tools and some knowledge, some testing, ppc budget..) and it can be implemented in less than 3 months.

    I hope it helps..
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    You can use Google Adsense also to make money with your blog.
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  • What is your end goal for your website?

    Take your emotion out of your decision making, and just do the calculation.

    How much money are you losing hosting this website per month? Are you willing to continue making this lose or are you willing to drop it and start over and do something that works. Build an online business. Have your own products as well as market well known high prices affiliate products.

    * Pick your niche that has a buyers market that is willing to pay for what you have on offer.

    * Market to your niche 3 to5 pieces of good quality free content ebooks, paperback books, videos, guides and audio, to get them to know, like, and trust you.

    * At the end of your free content ask your market to buy your relevant niched products.

    * At the end of your paid product, upsell your buyers to the next product in your sales funnel.

    Rinse and repeat
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    Thanks for sharing!

    I've been there. Back in the day I got into affiliate marketing. My goal was money. I had success but never enough to make a living.

    Eventually I launched a website business, because I loved making websites. I didn't expect to make a lot of money. But I was passionate and that passion led to way more success than I ever imagined.

    My first recommendation: Read The Lean Startup by Eric Reis. Confirm your assumptions before you invest in them.

    My second recommendation: Stop focusing on how to make money. Start focusing on how to provide value doing something you're passionate about. When you do that first, then the opportunities to make money will fall in line.
    HAVE A KILLER APP IDEA? We help entrepreneurs build their app ideas and websites. LEARN MORE.
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    > Ditch WP automatic: If you are passionate on this subject, make your own content.

    > Get inspiration: Study what other top affiliate websites are doing to bring in traffic to them. Make a list of your findings and work on them.

    > Choose products wisely: Don't sell for the sake of selling. Do you feel excited to sell that product? Would you have bought it? What do other affiliates think of that product other than that certain percentage as commission from sales.

    Other than that, I need to see the website you are referring to. Honestly, I have a picture of what it will look like with all the random posts coming from everywhere and it doesn't look good.

    For future investments: Unless a website has proven itself in terms of revenue generation and solid authority/ niche-specific backlinks with a decent age, don't invest in it.


    - Sana.

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  • There are heaps of health related Affiliates out there.. But as Ryan Says... If your not totally passionate about it... probably best to find an alternate market.
    You really need to Live and Breath your affiliate offer.. Mention it in your every day dealings.. and you should be doin your own blog posts.. Dont rely on auto posting.. this wont help your website.
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