Expensive products are the only way with CPS?

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I decided to build a site based on the cps model using amazon affiliate but the more i think about it the more impossible it looks, most people say that you have to sell very expensive products to make it worth it like 1000$ each but i can't find a proper niche for this especially when i have to build a shop around it since it wouldn't make sense to make a site in order to sell one product of a whole niche.

There are actually very few niche who can pull this like gym equipment or rolex watches maybe some collectible items too? these aren't niche that im profficient with. Most succesfull affiliate shops i found don't sell expensive products, so i wonder is it really more ev to go after very expensive products? especially if you have no idea about the niche? the only niche i know is card games, i was thinking to build an affiliate mtg store but im not sure if that would work well.

Shall i give up on expensive products and mix ppc with cps?
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