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Is there a better place you all recommend to get images from without putting hundreds of dollars up front? I'm paranoid about using google images (even when adjusting image search settings for usage rights).

The website I am working on at the moment is incredibly problem(niche) specific and I can only find 2-3 images for free that have reuse rights. istock and some of the others have many, but I am hesitant to spend that considering I have no idea if this site will work or not.

I currently have written around 14,000 words over 6 articles so I know 2-3 pictures isn't going to do the trick. I am assuming I should attempt to place around 2-8 pictures in each article?

Also is it better to use images that you can 100% just use without attributing someone for the picture? Or do you think it matters or makes a site look less relevant (or more so?) if you have attributes underneathe the pictures?

Thanks again!
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    I use shutterstock to get images. They do have pricing rates depending on how many you would need.

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    Here is a thread with a lot of resources.


    I promote a lot of CPA offers and I've always found it hard to find anything free that works for me.

    I use the following for most images now, as you can find almost any image that's on the other paid sites but for far less $$$.

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    Awesome, thank you so much!
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    I really like unsplash.com, which is free to use commercially, etc. Amateur and pro photographers submit high quality images for anyone to use.
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      Originally Posted by tritrain View Post

      I really like unsplash.com, which is free to use commercially, etc. Amateur and pro photographers submit high quality images for anyone to use.
      If you use images commercially, you need to make sure that the photographer who took them has secured the necessary releases.

      For example, images that include identifiable people need model releases.

      Images that include pets or houses or anything else that can be owned by people need property releases.

      Unsplash (and other sites like it) do NOT confirm releases with photographers (like paid stock photo sites do).

      This means that anyone can upload an image on Unsplash which then releases it as "free for commercial use" but the fact is the image may not be legal to use commercially.

      Always, always, double-check the image you're looking at does not infringe on anyone else's rights - model, property, copyright and/or trademark.
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    I totally understand how you feel when it comes to spending for images. I've also had second thoughts before. Should I buy so that the graphic designer has more resources? Will it be worth the money?

    Aside from sites like Stuttershock, istockphoto and 123RF, you could also try Pxhere, Pexels, Pixabay, and good ol' reliable Wikimedia Commons. Flickr has a public domain you can browse from as well as a variety of other photos in different types of Creative Commons licenses.
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    I really like pexels.com and unsplash.com . You can get different images according to your themes and category.
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    depositphotos.com has a great price.

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    I Googled "free stock images" and came across Pexels.com. After looking over the licensing, all of their images are free to use and you can do whatever you want with them. The only restriction is that if you use images with people in them, you cannot use the images in a way they may find offensive unless you have their permission of course.

    The images look to be extremely high quality and professional. Of course, I do not know your niche so I can't tell if they have a lot of images that you can use personally.

    I would recommend using Google to find different websites that have free stock images. There are hundreds out there.
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    https://www.freepik.com is the great source of free images & vector as well.
    Lots of other free stuff as well.
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    Pixabay.com is another site where you can get free images.
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