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Hello everyone,

I'm wanting to make some best of videos around 10 minutes each based on characters from one of my favorite TV-Shows. I will be recording straight from my screen from the internet or from DVD. I use a laptop with Windows 10 and I checked out the XBOX game recorder that's included with Windows. It records the screen fine but editing options are limited. I tried a couple of free options but they would watermark their logo on the finished product. Can't blame them really they need to make money too. Free is great if really exist does the job and is safe to download. I don't mind spending some money on some software but would like to keep it under $35 if possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I have an Nvidia graphics card and use GeForce Experience (free to download if not installed already) on my PC's. It comes with a built in screen recording software that you can access through the game overlay in it.
    I have used it for several things over the years and it works well for capturing whatever is on your screen. (and its free!)
    I'm not sure if you do not have an nvidia card on your computer if it will still let you use the software or not though.
    *edit* sorry I misread post I think..guess you are looking for editing software not a recorder?
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    Thanks for your response, Matthew. I'm looking to record and do some editing. I found the following program and I'm doing some research on it now. Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite cost $45 for the digital download and has good reviews on Amazon. It is weird however that I can order a physical copy for $6 less than the DD. I figured it would be the other way around??? Anyone got a clue on why this is?

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    • Movie Studio 13 is several years old, they are now pushing Movie Studio 15 on their website. Would guess it is because they are wanting to get rid of physical copies first... but just an assumption. I see no difference in the software itself.
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