How to setup ClickBank affiliate commission for products in the long-time funnel

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Hi. Is there anyone who sells on ClickBank as a vendor? I think I need some help...

I read the available instructions, but they are not very clear to me, everything is just too much... I want to create a sales funnel in cooperation with affiliates:

Version 1:
Affiliates send traffic to the page with my ebook and get a 75% commission here. After some time (several days / weeks) to people who bought an ebook I send a newsletter/mailing with information about my other product, which is membership. I want partners to get a 30% commission for each payment made by the client who previously bought an e-book. Both the ebook and membership are on the same ClickBank account. Will the lifetime commision work in this case? If not, then what? How to configure it all?

Version 2:
Same as in version 1, but ebook and membership are on different ClickBank accounts. Do I have to make a JV contract between my accounts to link these products? Will then the partners get a commission? Is there another option?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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    You can use email-based affiliate attribution for up to 60 days after the purchaser's email address is supplied.

    This is something you need to request to be activated and you will have to do some work to pass the parameters CB wants so the affiliate gets paid.

    Details about this can be found here--->

    Have you already got your products set up in a pitch plus flow, upsell or order bump?

    If will always be easiest to sell the membership immediately after the first purchase and the follow-up with people who don't take up the initial offer.

    What works for us is a couple of ways of doing it.

    Immediately upsell the membership - if NO - then - immediately offer a trial period.

    Follow up later with various offers to join including reduced lifetime recurring as long as they stay a member.

    Best regards,

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      Thaks!! I am grateful for ideas!

      1) Pitch plus flow, upsell etc is technically much too complicated to implement for us at this moment (it's not enough effective - too much work with an unknown effect.). First we want to test ClickBank, see how it works, if it is worth dealing with them. To be honest, so far they seem to be outdated. However, their great advantage is to deal with the EU VAT problem.

      2) You wrote "If will always be easiest to sell the membership immediately after the first purchase and the follow-up with people who don't take up the initial offer..." In turn, from our experience for a cold traffic that doesn't know us (yet), such a funnel didn't work. It's just too fast. Email marketing worked better (optional lead magnet > trip wire > email marketing > core offer > email m. > more offers). But, in time, will test different versions of funnels, traffic sources etc.

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