What step should i fallow for my company to achieve my goals.

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Dear warrior as am Web & graphic designer soon i launch my company so please share me your good experiences that what path should i fallow for my business. as it is my first post here..Thanks
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    Have you done any freelancing or any work?
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      Nup sir am employer and recently i launch my company i want to ask that how should i make my clients which path i should use for my company.
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    What exactly are your goals? What help do you need to achieve them?
    Have you searched the forum for cases similar to yours?

    Without more information, no one is really going to be able to help you.

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      yes i search the more forum. But would you tell me the best forum?
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    Forum schmorum.

    (oh no way are they going to understand that idiom)

    1. Go where people need web and graphic design.

    2. Get in front of those people with an offer.

    If you want to get fancy, think about Positioning. WHO do you want to work for and WHY should they hire you? If you're good at web and graphic design, I'd expect your marketing to speak to that.

    Live by price, die by price.

    Hint: It's not about the How. Only newbies and broke people fixate on the How.
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    You should start it here ...

    Just filter them out with the latest time like the last one year for more updated information you can follow along.

    Choose your target market. Set your specific and unique product/service. Learn the marketing stuff. Learn to promote online. Learn to manage your investment (where to spend your money wisely).

    Good luck!

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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