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Hello, there
am currently a new bee in online marketing
I recently watch tutorials that told me how to promote a product by having a blog which I will make a review of those products then recommend buyers via my blog...

now the problem here is I have a blog already which is connected to my web design company "Supremeloaded " Which is Supremeloaded's Blog which am confused if I should use my blog or head over to buying a new domain just for that
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  • If your current website is not monetized to sell, and not related to the products you are going to review than you will need to start a new blog (IMO)

    The main purpose of a blog is to rank on a platform and is structured to make money.

    Pick a platform, whether it be YouTube, Facebook, a Blog, Instagram, whatever, just be consistent at putting out content. At least once a week.

    I think YouTube is the quickest (There are ways to do this with your face on the site and without), but blogs are profitable too.

    Just make sure you a giving good content and still pitching products.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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