What is the best vps provider ?

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can you please tell me the best vps provider to run my instagram bot on ?

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  • Try digitalocean.com‎. It's pretty developer friendly
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      Originally Posted by localflavourstours View Post

      Try digitalocean.com‎. It's pretty developer friendly
      I would prefer to upvode DigitalOcean. They are developer friendly & they have cheapest pricing I've used ever. Also you'll get trial credits there. So, try it out!
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    maybe you can try exabytes server plan ~
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    The best VPS providers are hostsailor.com and hostingsource.com.
    Prices are low and support is active around the clock. Servers are well-balanced!
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    I personally like Beyond Hosting
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    I'd draw your attention to VPS accounts from QHoster.com and KVChosting.net are worth trying because of their top-notch services. Prices are chrap and tech staff is online around the clock.
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    Has anyone tried Linode ? They are widely recommended by a group of people. They have a very huge customer base as well. DO is costly compared to other option. OVH has some cheap plans if you want to look into.
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    VPS deals from hosting.uk and libertyvps.net can be suitable for your needs.
    Their support usually you do not have to wait more than 10 minutes. The way they handle problems and solutions is very professional, I highly recommend them!
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    vultr is probably the best IMO -> https://www.vultr.com/

    Get your free book on increasing traffic, conversions, and sales online over at Mr22.co

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    Originally Posted by Yassine15 View Post


    can you please tell me the best vps provider to run my instagram bot on ?

    Hey Yassine.

    I have tried a slew of reliable VPS hosts when running YouTube streams remotely. I have a little experience working with reliable companies, but not specifically targeted for instagram bots. However I'd assume there's no difference discerning the two, as your likely just looking for the most reliable VPS with the highest uptime.

    Vultr is a safe bet. They're pricing may not be the cheapest, I eventually chose to run 24 hour live streams with them. (I experienced no interruptions), except for one, which was an error on my end. They may not be the cheapest, but their support team knows what they are talking about.

    Before I allowed Hostgator to gouge me with ridiculous prices and service that was not exactly up to par. At least not with companies who specialize specifically with VPS hosting.

    Also, there's a couple of blogs that go over the subject.

    Just be careful of marketers trying to bait you with affiliate links.

    Here's some useful posts that give some opinions on the matter:

    Techradar: Top VPS hosting of 2018

    Hosting Advice.com: More standard VPS solutions

    PC Magazine: Best Hosting Services (Sorted By Pricing)
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    As with most questions of this type, there is no answer as to which is 'best.' There are too many variables associated with any decision regarding this type of service to say definitively that one is better than all the rest for your particular needs.

    Then, let's say that we could quantify one service as being the absolute best on the planet but their pricing is exorbitant as compared to what we may deem as the 'second best' service available.

    So - even though they are the 'best' - are they the best for you and your needs? Are you willing to pay for the best? Highly doubtful since one of the saddest aspects of how people approach running an online business is wanting to do everything as cheaply as they can - if they can't get it for free.

    Ask 50 people which is 'best' and you'll get 50 different replies. Do you see any value in any of them? They're all just personal opinions. You might as well throw at names on a dart board.


    "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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  • HostGator is a good one.
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    i highly Recommend Pawnhost.com !
    they have super fast servers and 24/7 Friendly support .
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    I would recommend the following 5 most economical IaaS providers best suitable for VPS hosting beginners like you. Because they're first off all big brand in the field, widely-used and trustworthy. Second, they all provide quite flexible plans for all people who have different level of needs.
    1. Linode
    2. Vultr(start from 2.5 bucks per month)
    3. DigitalOcean
    4. Host1Plus
    5. Google Cloud
    most of them start from as low as $5 per month with 1024 Memory plus 1000GB bandwidth, which is enough for your requirement. On the top of that, they all chaege by hours, namely, if your bill is less than $5 over the whole month, they will charge by the exact hours with the hourly rate.
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    I know hostingsource and hostround provide attractive and reliable VPS accounts as they are proven to be the best in delivering their services in a webmaster-friendly manner.
    Prices are low.
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    Google VPS, Amazon VPS, but I don't think they're good for bots. Then, I think it would be Vultr.
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