How to create email marketing campaign for my company?

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I have complete knowledge of mail chimp and also use Gmass. I have thousands of lead and i know how to create good email with good subject lines. We don't spam and offer digital marketing services to our leads.
When i use mailchimp mails go to promotions, which i certainly don't want. I also use Gmass to send emails. But if i want to create full fledged email marketing department then where should i start including drip emails and campaigns.
I will be really grateful to those who have done this kind of work and have experience and show me little light.
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  • I would go with Aweber or GetResponse. Yes there are more expensive platforms, but both of these do quite a bit and they do great at this level.

    You can set up drip campaigns, segment your lists and/or just send a newsletter.

    They both offer more options then MailChimp (Ive also used this), but MailChimp will limit you. Aweber and GetResponse both give you a Spam score and tell you have to possibly fix your email so it ends up in the inbox.

    I personally had a better experience with GetResponse.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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      With the GDPR 2018 in place, how do i handle it?
      First create the opt in form and then send emails?
      It will bring down no of leads for sure.
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        Yes on all 3. Yep; follow these rules, leads drop maybe a bit but you are compliant and the quality of the lead aka engagement of person grows. Meaning more clicks and profits on the backend. Just email free content that serves folk's needs and no need to worry about GDPR or anything else.
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      Originally Posted by Adstargets View Post

      I wish I know more about email marketing so, I can share but na... maybe will have to do some homework before coming back
      Try this section of the forum so you can learn more about email marketing - If you have any questions are studying that section. Ask a question providing specific details that someone can answer.
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    Are you using images?

    I've noticed the overwhelming majority of any messages I get that end up in the promotions tab have images in them.

    I don't use images and don't often land in the promotions tab. However, it's been my experience that anytime I test and the message does end up in the promotions tab that it is being caused by something in the body.

    Do you have SPF set up?

    Not having SPF is a big cause of not getting your message in the Gmail inbox. This is at least the case for landing in the spam folder.

    Almost all ESPs have free trials. You could set up accounts and do some inbox placement tests and see if any work better for you.

    My core business is mailing PPL offers, which is considered affiliate marketing and MailChimp doesn't allow. So I have never bothered using them. I recently set up an account to test inbox placement and do some non-affiliate work and have had no problem inboxing. Not using any images / have SPF set up.
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    Creating a email campaign should need the following

    1.Your target audience
    2.What are they interested in
    3.What would urge them to engage with your brand
    You are building a relationship with your clients through email campaign.
    So, knowing your audience and creating relevant content for them is the first priority.

    Next is choosing the right email marketing tool. There are various solutions available. Each solution has its own set of pros and cons. So, you will have to pick a solution that suits your needs.

    Next is, deciding the frequency of your emails. If you are sending out an email campaign for the first time, you need to decide a complete flow- what to send when. I have experienced about under-mailing and over-mailing. Email marketing is about striking the right chord with your recipients. If you overdo or underdo it, things will mess up before you know.
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