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Hi Warriors!

This is my first time here and although I have a fair bit of knowledge in the industry (I work for a CPA advertising company), I am making my first steps towards building my own online business.

I am looking to gain authority in my niche. I have a lot of knowledge in the niche, lots to write about, an idea for a product funnel and a basic strategy in my mind.

The problem is that I always get hung up on the little details. I am currently deciding whether I should brand my blog or whether I should use my own name (Charles Ngo, etc.)

What are the pros and cons of using a brand/seo keyword style domain name vs. using personal branding?

Some things I have thought about are the fact I can use my personal social accounts so there is less to manage, and I can get away with varying the stuff I'm talking about (dipping into other niches as my name isn't tied to one niche)
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    If you want to gain authority in your niche, then you should definitely go with your name. It would give your blog a more personal touch too and perhaps a face too.
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  • "Don't niche you, niche what you do" is what most would say.

    Branding your blog for SEO purposes, will bring free targeted search engine traffic to your blog.

    Will people naturally search for "Charles NGO", or " how to lose weight in 1 week"?
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    Hi rhyseli,

    Interestingly enough, I kinda killed 2 birds with one stone.

    I went with Blogging From Paradise but heavily infuse myself into my blog and brand to humanize the brand, and to connect deeply with my readers.

    You can consider doing the same buddy; picking a domain based on a combo of keywords aligned with your niche helps you place better in search engines over the long haul, and makes it easier for readers to visualize your blog and how it helps them. Folks may have a tough time figuring how Ryan Biddulph Dot Com helps 'em but easily see the benefit in Blogging From Paradise Dot Com.

    Think about your plans years down the road too. Unless you become icon-like-famous, few folks would want to gobble up your name as a domain. But a keyword-rich domain related to your niche would be a different story; of course, if you want to sell the site eventually avoid adding your persona to the brand. Make it 3rd person so the site and brand can change hands seamlessly.

    I'd go for the branded aka keyword aligned domain, with some heavy personality in your blog. Seems a powerful 1-2 punch to me but at the end of the day, trust your intuition.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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    First of all, you have made the best move by stating your own online business. you should understand it won't be easy but also giving up should not be an option also.You may have to work alot to achieve your aim. SEO and Social media marketing should be your main foundation and using your social media business pages will be better in my opinion
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    Thanks for all of your input.

    Seems like there is a bit of a difference in opinion and I should probably just go with my intuition.

    Thanks ryanbiddulph for your perspective on mixing the two together. This is something I will put more thought into.

    For purely business purposes, it seems like an SEO style brand name will have the most benefit. One thing that entices me about personal branding however is that while it may be more difficult to rank initially, if I can establish authority in a niche with my own name, then it could be easier to attract new clients as they will recognise who I am. Once again though, this could be achieved by injecting a lot of myself into my content.
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    It's not only about SEO.

    It's about the Brand

    I mean: do you plan to build a company? Did you have a plan on what really and how to communicate?

    Do you plan to build a company around your figure or a topic?

    The fact is that noone give a dime on what who you are.

    People think about their interests when they go to google or turn on internet: they are all focused on their needs.

    So it's way better to build a plan around the specific needs of your customers or the potential ones instead of you.

    This before you become a
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