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Hi experts

My question is for all the experts. I have observed that character limit of metas and description seems increased but i am not sure. Can anyone help me that is this official announcement of Google? What is the new limit for character for Metas Title and Description.
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    Description: Google generally truncates snippets around 300 characters (this limit increased in December 2017, as moz pointed out here: ).

    Title: Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. More info:

    I hope this helps!
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    (Sorry it's not an exact answer - but it may help What I've been noticing on the Google SERPs is if you change your meta title, Google indexes changes sooo much quicker now-a-days. So if you're in early site launch stages - give a few variations a try and compare click through performance and rank. You can always change it back. I think I was able to trial 2 or 3 title tag changes in ~1 week on my homepage.

    I read Jgas's response and this is consistent with the: All in one seo plugin for WordPress (a popular title re-write plugin). It is suggesting a maximum of 60 characters. The plugin reads "Most search engines use a maximum of 60 chars for the title." Personally, I wouldn't be afraid to use more than 60 characters on some posts/pages (especially for topics that are complicated to explain), just bare in mind there's little SERPs advantage in doing so...
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    It was a great experience. Got to know very useful information. Thanks guys.
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    I want to add on something about Mobile Google Search
    Titles: 78 characters max
    Descriptions: between 110 & 120 characters max
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  • Thanks for the valuable replies experts.
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    this limit increased in December 2017, to around 230 characters
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    I think 320 characters, you can use in meta desc field.
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