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Good Afternoon WArriors,

This might sound ridiculous but i'm gonna ask anyway.

Is it totally stupid to comment on my own website using a different browser and a vpn so as to hide my identity. To leave positive comments about my own reviews and including my own affiliate links to other products.

for and extemely basic example.

I really liked that product but this one is best (enter affiliate link her)

Muchos Gracias
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  • I see what you are saying, and believe it or not there are a lot of people who do this.

    However, if you have to go down this path, than i feel like you either missed a step or messed up a step. In saying that, you are not fixing the problem.

    If you need to get a jump start I would try running an ad with to either get them opted into an email list or to pitch a product.

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    Originally Posted by Danny Maxwell View Post

    Is it totally stupid to comment on my own website using a different browser and a vpn so as to hide my identity.
    There really isnt the need to go through all the hassle.. just set up differnt user login credentials for your website and use those.... they only thing you are masking info from is the end user... you really wouldnt be hiding anything from Google, if that is the concern
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    Hi Danny,

    I have learned 1 lesson over the past 10 years of being a blogger my friend; bloggers who lie to become successful observe how quickly not telling the truth catches up to them. They get caught up in it, every time, lose cred, and disappear.

    Honest bloggers tend to become incredibly successful.

    The #1 way to sell products is to gain credibility and the number 1 way to lose cred, and to sell no products, is to leave dishonest, non-genuine reviews.

    Avoid this strategy at all costs. You'll regret it terribly.

    Create helpful content. Make friends. Be patient. Pay your dues. Drive affiliate sales the right way, and create lasting income.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Honest bloggers tend to become incredibly successful.
      Sure they do. The world is awash with incredibly successful bloggers. lol

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    I agree with Ryan 100%. If you lie, you forever have to remember what lie you told to who. If you tell the truth, it's easy to remember.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Sample page. / Website / Blog for more info.

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    Maybe you could take your blog content and also post it on Facebook and then share it with your friends! You'll get a conversation going that way and get some comments. And if the situation is right, you can post a link in the comments to an offer - I see it all the time.

    It won't work if you're spamming links in every post, but like the other guys said, just keep it conversational, helpful, valuable and don't be afraid to drop a link to something that's an offer that could help too!
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    Well.... that is not illegal, and you can do whatever you want to do, but what is really the point of going through all that trouble? Most people are able to suss out fake comments very quickly.
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      Originally Posted by rwizz99 View Post

      Most people are able to suss out fake comments very quickly.
      Seriously? Most people can't even ferret-out the crap in many of the posts in this thread.

      Just another Sunday morning on the WF.
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    If this works then it can be at least tried once.
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    Well I guess, it's not bad at all cause I think your not the only one doing this.

    Consider offering your products free for some people in exchange for a reviews about your product is a perfect method. I suggest you this platform Phlanx
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    I don't know if this is the best approach, but some people do it.
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    You can do it but you'll likely end up talking to yourself.

    Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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    Try leaving comments on other blogs in your niche, some will reciprocate and comment on your reviews.
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    You know to be honest, I don't find this stupid, as I understand where you're coming from. However I think you are not addressing the real issue or giving out real solutions. One way around this is doing collaborations, ads or influencer marketing.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Fake it until you make it.
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    If you really want to build a long term blogging business , I suggest you totally avoid this

    By leaving untruthful comments on your website to get people to take advantage of an offer on your blog. It totally destroys your reputation & trust.

    Always provide quality valuable content and as long as you persist and stay consistent you'll succeed.
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    Hi Danny! I understand your point buddy... Why don't you drive traffic to your blog by commenting on other blogs, forums in your niche, get involved in the discussions and communities... If your offer is enticing, provides value and a solution, you're generous in your offer giving maybe a free gift, you'll see you won't need to comment on your own posts and I am sure you'll make sales in no time too...
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    Periodically attacking or saying negative things about one or more people, is also an issue l have seen elsewhere, since regardless of how many people slap them on the back and praise their base level comments, and negative slurs, the vast majority will remember and keep well away.

    A lot of regular visitors may be silent and say nothing when someone says something negative about someone else, (for no real reason, except that they want to prove that they are Trolls, or pick a fight) since they don't want to blow their membership, but if the mission statement is to make the blog, etc into the best blog online, and creatures like this that Never get Any of their posts deleted, are pretty much destroying said blog, etc.

    It is a bit like saying, "our mission statement is to have the fairest, blog online, but will allow this troll to say whatever he likes". A contradiction in terms and a sure fire ticket to oblivion.

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