If you were just starting out in Digital Advertising again, what would you do differently?

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New member here! spent the day browsing and i decided to put up my first post.

I am new to digital advertising aside from running facebook ads for my friends businesses. My goal is to create my own digital business which can become my full time income. Very broad goal, I know!!

Let me tell you my idea, then you guys can correct me or maybe send me in the right direction

My idea for a real business would be to help businesses/blogs/websites with products promote their services and products through online ads. help them make more money whie making a bit of my own as well. I don't want to bounce from affiliate offer to affiliate offer (maybe someday, but im trying to focus on one thing at a time)

I dont have anyone in my circle thats familiar with this industry, no team, no mentor, so im feeling kind of lost!

Where would you send yourself if you were just starting out in 2018?

Thanks! I hope we can create a useful thread here that will help out other rookies in the future!
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  • I would start with

    * product creation,

    * pay per click advertising

    * email marketing

    You will obviously start building your email list while you are doing affiliate marketing.
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      Thanks for the reply!!!

      funny that you mention pay per click advertising. There is a guy that in my area, (friend's brother in law) that runs a ppc and cpa affiliate network. I tried reaching out to him for guidance but received no response.

      A mentor or program or group would be so beneficial right now

      i am focusing on pay per click right now and nothing else

      Im just having a hard time making it 'click' in my head, im missing some kind of connection. I think the problem is i dont REALLY know what i want to do.

      what are some options and angles i can work with pay per click advertising?

      Do people contact blogs and website and say 'hey, i know ppc really well. would you like to monetiz your blog/website/whatever'

      or do people grab offers from, lets just say clickbank, and pump traffic towards that offer?

      i struggle with getting something up and running because i do not fully understand what i want to build.

      thanks for getting back to me. i dont have anyone else i can ask these questions!

      i am also a member of another affiliate marketing forum, i still havent recieved any replies from them, so again i really appreciate the reply!!
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      Originally Posted by Internet Trillionaire View Post

      I would start with

      * product creation,

      * pay per click advertising

      * email marketing

      You will obviously start building your email list while you are doing affiliate marketing.
      I wouldn't suggest email marketing considering the fact that most of them end up in SPAM and the better way to gather opt-in lists through articles / blogs / landing pages is the key ...

      You can thus send them digest emails updating them of your products & services and keep them engaged over a longer period of time rather than an email just ending up in their Junk / Spam directory.
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        True, email marketing is not the best choice. I receive hundreds of emails from marketers around the world with aim of advertisement. I will tell honestly- they all go to trash without opening.
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          Same! i dont think this is the direction id like to move in
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    Content is the king. If I were you and with the little or as much experience I had over the years, I would prefer writing articles related to the products / services and highlight more on the same wherever possible to say why they are best in the category and how they fit in appropriately....

    To supplement the article writing, I would have the ads placed ...
    and of course, the PPC advertisements do help as well.

    Creating unique content gets your word more faster to the target audience via Twitter, LinkedIn and other related social media including hundreds and possibly thousands of forums...
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      in my mind i think content would be great for having a niche blog or social media page etc.

      What if i want to contact the people with content and say "hey lets monetize your blog/website/store with some ppc advertisements? should i be focusing on content myself?
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    If I was starting out again, I would build more websites and different markets. So I can learn more about what works and what doesnt - which was something I stopped doing after I started in digital advertising. I just went fully into client SEO.

    Now I've changed my approach and have a plan together for the next 6 months of building out Lead Generation and Affiliate websites.
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    Content is the king and conversion is the queen. So if I were to start then I would start with creating best quality content and publish on my website in order to attract organic and potential readership.
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    I think PPC is very interesting. If i wanted to go that route, where would you suggest i start? any books/courses/videos?

    A media group in my area also has an UNPAID internship for PPC (Adwords). I thought about quitting my job to take it on head first!

    Is running PPC something i could potentially learn and become profitable on my own? some aspects seem quite complex.
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    I would have joined a focus group thag would have helped me a lot in teema of what works..
    Learn from the mistakes of others you cant live long to make all of em.
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    I'm sure the majority of people here don't have anyone offline for a pep talk.

    That's why this forum exist.
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    what about lead generation?
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