How to make use of Instagram account?

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Hi guys.
I have an insta gram account with 15k followers, I don't know how to make use of it. I mean is there anyway that I can benefit from it?
Thank you
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    Do you also have a fb fan page? Twitter? Blog? You can cross-promote with them all. Why do you think you have so many followers on Instagram? What are you doing to attract that many people? Can you replicate that strategy (taking into account differences between the platforms) with FB or Twitter?

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    I believe you can do a lot of things with an audience that has a common interest. Depending on what your Instagram account is about, there are always affiliate opportunities available to you.

    Of course, promoting random stuff will just result in you losing trust with your audience, so be careful what you are promoting and do it sporadically. Make sure you use the thing you are promoting and only share it with everybody if you think it is a solid product. Have an extremely thorough review of it, make it look like you care that your audience has a good experience with it.

    Another thing you can do is to direct that traffic to other websites or blogs. Those promotional signals do not have to be only about products. Again, remember to promote only quality websites/blogs and DO NOT abuse your fans.

    As your audience is growing and you are becoming an influencer in your niche, more people will be contacting you to blast their offers to your fans. You will have to learn how to say no to most of them.

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

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    Agree. You can either start promoting goods or services n your account directly or use it as a traffic source for your other projects.
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    i think its a big opportunity for you that you can promote your business very easily,start any campaign,click photographs create video of particular thing in which you are master or you interest,social media is a huge platform where you can earn money easily.
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    If you're looking to monetize your following, you can promote affiliate products to your following.

    Go to JVzoo, Clickbank or one of the many other affiliate networks, pick a product that's relevant to your audience and promote it to them. The promotion works better if you run ads to your following (instead of promoting in your posts) which are going to be extremely cheap.

    Running ads is the "harder" way because you have to spend a little money, but you have lots of tries to get it right. If you built the audience just to make money off it, ads would be the better way to go in my opinion.
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    If you have gotten these followers from shoutouts or from following other popular accounts' followers, you may look for ideas from the accounts where you targeted them (your followers) from. What are these accounts promoting? If the are promoting shirts, then that could be an indication that money may be earned from that audience by selling similar products.
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    15k follower is a good figure. You can market any product or service with your Instagram account.
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    Instagram is an amazing platform on social media! If you are looking to monetize your IG account you should offer something for sale. Do you have a business or a personal page? A business page will allow you to add a website to your profile that is clickable. If you have high engagement on your posts you can drive those people to your website and purchase what you have for sale or purchase anything from your affiliate links if you have any.
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    Originally Posted by Youness Zou Her View Post

    Hi guys.
    I have an insta gram account with 15k followers, I don't know how to make use of it. I mean is there anyway that I can benefit from it?
    Thank you
    What demographics are the followers? Is there a specific niche?
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    Of course you can. If your account has good traffic, then you can easily start advertising and get paid for it.
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    Shout out, being an influencer for marketing, affiliate marketing
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    15k follower is a good figure. You can market any product or service with your Instagram account.

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    There are a few factors we need to consider first. The niche, following size and engagement rate are usually the first things people look at. If you are on a niche that is on the current market trend then you should be fine. Your followers must be engaging and must have a good engagement rate overall. If these conditions are met then you can easily get noticed and sell shout outs.

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