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I want someone to learn me how to make 50$/day
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    What product or service can you offer that's worth $50? You only need to sell 1 per day.

    Or $25, and sell 2 per day.

    Or.. listen.. maths isn't my strong point.
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    It may be hard to start off with how to make $50 per day. You need to find a niche that you know about and enjoy and then go from there.
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    Originally Posted by Toqa hesham View Post

    I want someone to learn me how to make 50$/day
    Hey dude, i guess you should try to join any of the freelancer platform, and try to promote some service over there, and earn some money. Beside that, there is a way that could also work, it's to promote some Offers, that you could promote and make some sells everyday simply, and earn some!
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    Let me guess - the $50 is 2-3 times the average daily income where you live. You believe you ask the question and you'll be 'learned'?

    How many threads have you read on this forum? How many internet marketing tutorials have you looked up online? What exactly have you DONE so far?

    Amazing that threads like this are allowed....this is discouraging.
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      You need not get mad. It's important that we help each other here. Some of us are struggling. Maybe you would not understand.
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    No one is mad. But here is the reality -- being an internet marketer, entrepreneur, or a business owner of any kind requires the ability to do work on your own. If you can't do that you're not going to be successful working for yourself. You need a job where someone tells you what to do and when to do it.

    If you want to learn IM then...

    The first step is research. You need to seek out the kind of business you think you could do well.

    You need to honestly analyze your own skills. What can you do that someone would pay for?

    What are you willing to learn about?

    There is a search function in this forum where you can find a wealth of ideas. Find one that interests you and read everything you can about that one business method.

    Then come back and ask specific questions and we can help you.

    If you're not willing to do that then there's is nothing anyone here can do for you.

    We're not angry, we're just tired of the same exact question being asked over and over again instead of people taking a few minutes to search the forum on their own. It does not bode well for their future in running a business.

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    Gimme my fitty dollas.
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    Originally Posted by Toqa hesham View Post

    I want someone to learn me how to make 50$/day
    There are tons of ways to make $50/day but first you need to start researching what area from IM(internet marketing. for ex: e-com, affiliate marketing, email marketing, facebook marketing, etc) you'd like to focus on before asking such a broad question...Sorry if I'm being kind of direct
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    Then go get the knowledge on how to do it

    What skill sets do you have or have acquired? Use em.

    Go find out about e-commerce, affiliate marketing, freelancing - which model suit you best? Nobody will be able to tell you that. Only you will be able to determine it. Then you will have better questions to ask and you will get better answers.
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    For the beginner $50 seem quite hard

    If we go back 4 years ago. I have the same problem as you.

    I did a lot of thing like affiliate / website / seo but i can't reach my $50/day goal. It is very hard that time.

    But today is very easy. Don't get me wrong. I'm not try to sell you some kind of course.

    Let start learn about android app. It is very good. Because a number of android user is growth more and more today.

    If you do android app. You don't need to take care of it. Just make a well application plus knowledge in ASO

    You can reach your 50$/day in a short of time.

    Once per 2-3 months that I need to take care of it

    Let try!
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  • I think you need to figure out how you want to make $50 a day. You're talking $1500 a month and you're starting at zero.

    You can't be all over the place. You need to be focused on one way to make money online.

    Once you figure out how you want to do this it will be much easier to answer your question and you will get more helpful answers.
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    If you don't have anything to offer anyone then you can't really make money. Do you have a product to sell? Have you ever considered becoming an affiliate? You can place an affiliate link on your blog or website and if someone clicks on it and purchases from the company you get a commission.
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  • Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start. Targeted Traffic is another thing you need to learn.
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    I will also vouch for affiliate marketing as this is an easy amount you can earn if you learn well and choose the correct niche, which is absolutely your favorite, not just its more money making niche. Do a through research about affiliates platform, products, merchants and try to sync your skills with this marketing mechanism. You will certainly achieve this very sooner. Best Wishes in advance.
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    I'm curious which country's currency this is. Find someone in that country to "learn" you.
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      Originally Posted by IGotMine View Post

      I'm curious which country's currency this is. Find someone in that country to "learn" you.
      Harsh. lol

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    I made $5 posting this comment.

    Mo Money.
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