Is anyone know where is cheap and quality traffic provider under 30$ ?

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Hi , I just joined the WF

I started a small online business based on Web Developing / Internet Marketing / Graphic Design category. My business and projects result are very good when i started through direct customer and they loved my work. Now i want to get more sales through landing page to my one of my freelance platform ( Just see how it works , Redirect ).

As i do not have that budget to spend on Paid Ad like Google Adword / BingNetwork / Taboola and so on .. They don't provide traffic under the 100$. As well i do not have that time/money to spend on network who have complicated competitive platform that charge me per keyword and click.

I try many traffic provider that provide random traffic on low price , Here's my experience with them :

1. Some are provided me Mixing Traffic ( Redirect Traffic + Bots Traffic - Totally Unprofitable )

2. Some are sent me the Random Expire Domain Traffic ( Around 300 Clicks and this seems good but can't earned my trust )

Here's My Questions :

1. How i can drive traffic to my new beautiful landing page in low cost and quality way ?

2.Do you have any idea of how startup guys get improved in past ?

3.Do you know anyone who can give me great traffic and i can do business with him for lifetime ?

4. What is the best way to drive quality traffic ? ( Social Media don't works for me as this seems unfair for me ..)

My Aim :

Is there anyway to get quality target traffic regarding what we are selling ? And however we don;t need lot's clicks that dose not convert to sales and interest. So for the best way i need a great suggestion and quality way to go for my startup. Any Suggestion ?

Some Info About Me :

I am internet marketer ( Startup ) and i am learning lot's things via the WF and other platforms. I am also a Startup Graphic Designer and Web Developer ( Completed around 600+ Projects on Freelancing Based - My customer and clients using my skills to grow his business and that's how I'm working .. I Loved it. )

Waiting for WF Members reply..

M D Chavda
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    Normally Cheap and Quality do not go well with each other - it's one or the other.

    Unfortunately to set expectations, with a $30 budget, you can't expect to get much.
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      Yes i try that , It's not working well .. They send traffic but not that traffic that i need..

      How much minimum budget we need to do progress ? Is there any loss as well ?
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        Originally Posted by mdchavda View Post

        How much minimum budget we need to do progress ? Is there any loss as well ?

        You're basing everything on price.

        This won't end well.
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          I am not just basing everything on price but i need solution for this .. There is no way there people can get few traffic for few $$ ?
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      Can you share some of your experience with me regarding paid network that you are using ? How much budget i need to have for start ad-camping ?
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    A.Try to make quality content , B. Competitor analysis for rank up keyword , C. Online Promotion ,D.Prompt online add and there are lots of ways to drive real traffic.
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      A. Have Quality Content - Yes i have ..
      B. I really don't have that competitor as i like to alone on my way.
      C. This seems works for me , Can you suggest some place we can start with trust ?
      d. How to do it ? A great way ?

      I did many things from this but it's not working.. Everyone asking more then $100 ..
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  • Good quality buyer traffic will cost you well over $100.

    You won't get quality traffic with a $30 advertising budget.
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      Sadly , In internet there is no way to get few traffic for few $$ ..
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    Quality traffic is earned buddy, by simply learning your craft, helping folks with valuable free content and by building your friend network. Your traffic increases as your skills increase, and it takes time and effort to boost your skills. Nope; you cannot buy skills. Especially not for $30

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      In other Warrior Forums i hear that solo ad supplier can supply me some traffic for few $$ by adding my website or business link in his mail lists. His quality also good and they know what they're doing.

      They send me 30 clicks for DEMO and really impressive. I got 5 messages from traffic and other are sent me inquiry so i am thinking to buy soload from them..

      But like i said nothing work out under 30$ so i think i need to rise my budget form 30$ to 60$ ?

      If you can share some of your paid ad experience with me that be very good for me to learn from your experience..

      Can you share some of your experience with me ? Like what you are doing to get traffic to your digital product ?

      Appriciated for your time and comment
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    Cheap and quality do not go together usually...

    You are on to the issue, "bots" and "redirect" traffic, the reason the quality traffic as you said is so expensive because they have paid to make it quality traffic...

    If you get real cheap traffic which there are sites that provide this, and you capture the leads (which are real people) and you solve their problems you will convert that into sales and money...

    But as most have said it takes time and with a $30 budget it is going to take even more time...

    So which do you have more of time or money?

    Because there is plenty of quality traffic out there but it is going to cost you time or money to get them to your site...

    But I am confused with your niche and how you are going to target to as you stated, "a small online business based on Web Developing / Internet Marketing / Graphic Design category"

    You might want to pick one out of those 3 and drive traffic based on that and see how it converts...
    Time is your most valuable resource ... do not waste it...
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      Usually what i do is setup a landing OR sales page and then send it to traffic provider , From my link they send me the analythic link where i just track bots

      I am very thankful for you reply and taking a look at my this forum. I know this sounds to basic but i am beginner in this area so i just try to figer it out where i need to spend my money properly..

      I already started to learn google adword and facebook ad platform. In both way i am facing problem to start camping because of Low CPC budget.

      Keyword are looking so expensive for me ... What you doing to get more sales and inquiry ? Do you use any provider or anything ?
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    1. How i can drive traffic to my new beautiful landing page in low cost and quality way ?
    You either work for it or pay for it.
    3 Simple Steps To A Successful Online Business
    100% FREE Webinar - Continue - For Success!
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