What are the biggest challenges that you face online as a marketer?

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Over the last few months, i have been using a variety of tools and resources to learn about different kinds of marketing - social media, SEM, SEO and content, and i have seen a variety of opinions on different sites and videos on what they are and how to get started in them.

I realized that with so many different opinions out there, it must be very confusing for a newbie marketer to attain clarity in their field. So, out of curiosity, what are the biggest challenges that you are facing online in marketing?
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  • I think most people have a decent understanding of what is needed to be a marketer online.

    Unfortunately, I feel most people don't have the patience to stay steady and be persistent when they are not getting the results they want fast enough.

    Just like anything in life, there is a learning curve. Unless you spend the time working on your business you won't learn what works and what doesn't.

    Just because some trick worked for one person doesn't mean it will work for everyone.
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    Hi Sarfaraz Karmali,

    I think one of the most significant challenges in life in general in Online Marketing, in particular, is to stay focused on what you genuinely want to do.

    There are so many opportunities and options out there...

    Some are valid and some not so convincing.

    So, that is the first thing you have to find out, doing some research. You have to find out if the opportunity, the golden nugget somebody is trying to convince you is a good option for you or not. I believe this is the easy part.

    The second part is the tough one. Once you decided to go in one specific direction, you need to focus and become an expert in that field. That takes time and persistence. And it is at this stage when a lot of people stumble. They come across a new "shiny opportunity which will make you rich in four days", so they give up the previous one and move to the next one.

    And that same story repeats and repeats.

    The problem here is that they are never giving a real opportunity to each of the businesses they tried.

    Safaraz, there is something obvious. The "get rich quick" businesses doesn't exist.

    And with that, I don't want to discourage you. Just the opposite. Online Marketing has enormous opportunities. And yes, you can get rich and wealthy with Online Marketing!


    You have to be willing to pay the price. Pay the price to invest the time and money needed to become an expert in the field you have decided to go for!

    And therefore my recommendation is: decide one field and only one and become an expert in that field.

    And to avoid any distractions, unsubscribe from any webinar, conference and whatsoever event, which has nothing to do with the field you have decided. Avoid the temptation of continuously being hearing of other options which "will make you rich easily", and use this time to continue your formation in your field.

    Focus, focus, focus! That's the name of the game!!!

    Well, Sarfaraz, I hope that makes sense and helps you to decide which direction to follow...



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  • The biggest challenges are definitely how to drive targeted traffic and convert it into sales.
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